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Math crafts

Welcome to math crafts! Math can be fun, honestly!
You don't believe it, then rummage here!

On this page you will find ideas for handicrafts, puzzles, puzzle games, tips for apps and websites and short films. All of them have something to do with math. With them you can experience exciting, funny, tricky and creative gadgets at home alone or with your parents.
Because now a lot of students have to stay at home, we decided to put this page together. The site will grow bit by bit and will be constantly updated with new activities. It is always worthwhile to keep an eye out for new activities. It is a service of the mathematics exhibition ix-quadrat of the Technical University of Munich together with the Chair for Geometry and Visualization and

(Interactive code cracking, from 12 years)

Secret texts have surfaced. Unfortunately encrypted and completely illegible. However, you can decrypt the texts with a decryption machine. Become a code breaker and find out what is in the texts.

Click here to crack the code

(Handicraft instructions, from 12 years)

Kaleidocycles are geometric sculptures that move. "Kaleido" comes from kaleidoscope, because beautiful symmetrical patterns are created here again and again. "Cycles" means here on the one hand that it is a ring, on the other hand the movement is also cyclical, ie always in a circle.

Here are the instructions

(interactive puzzle game, from approx. 10 years)

Sokoban is a really tricky puzzle game. You have to move boxes to the designated places. Sounds easy? Is difficult! Here you need strong nerves.

Click here for the interactive game

(Handicrafts, from approx. 10 years)

This mobile is very special. It is made entirely of paper and for mathematical reasons it hangs in balance. You need a little dexterity to build.

Here are the instructions

(Interactive music game, from approx. 12 years)

Here comes a real challenge for rhythm professionals. Can you manage to clap along with a complicated rhythm with a time delay? If so, then you have what it takes to be a drummer.

Here are the instructions

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