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    • Thunderbird version: 68.3.1
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    • Operating system + version: Win 10
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    unfortunately I cannot create any tasks or import them from google. The fields in the tab are grayed out and cannot be selected.

    In the top bar it says that "Please select a calendar that supports tasks"

    The appointments from google work and can be created, edited, etc.

    Thanks in advance

  • graba

  • Hello steven200 and welcome to the forum.

    The appointments from google work and can be created, edited, etc.

    as far as I know it doesn't work with the Provider for Google.

    You can test these extensions (TbSync with provider for CalDAV & CardDAV) whether it works with them. But I would deactivate the Provider for Google beforehand and unsubscribe from the calendar.

    EDP ​​oldies

  • Hello EDV-OLdi,

    I installed the TbSync, but it only imports the calendar and not the tasks.

    I can now create tasks but not via my google calendar.

    Kind regards

  • Hello steven200,

    then I have no idea at the moment.

    EDP ​​oldies

  • OK,

    Nevertheless many thanks.

  • Hello,

    Unfortunately, the google tasks cannot be accessed via CalDAV, google has not implemented it. A special google API must be used for this and not the global standard CalDAV / CardDAV. TbSync does not support the google API.

    P. Kewisch's Provider for Google Calendar uses the google API and therefore it should work with it. If it doesn't, either Google has changed something or the add-on is broken. Unfortunately I can't do anything about it.

  • According to the description of the PfG it should work, but it already had some problems with Google tasks.
    I thought that your extension could do that.
    Still thanks for answering.

    EDP ​​oldies

  • Hello,

    the problem is solved. After uninstalling tbsync and CalDav, I re-activated the google addon and lo and behold, in the new selection of my calendar I was also able to select the tasks. Now I see my various tasks and can also edit them.

    Best Regards

  • Hello steven200,

    Thank you for your information that it works now.

    EDP ​​oldies

  • Hello,

    Unfortunately, I had to find out that the add-on does not work so smoothly.

    If I delete a created task via smartphone and original goggle app, Thunderbird does not synchronize the entry. In other words, the deleted entry is still there, even if I initiate the synchronization directly.

    Kind regards

  • I'll take up the topic. I connected to my Google account with TBsync, which works fine too. I also create tasks in Google that are displayed in Thunderbird. The sync also works, if I mark a task as done in Thunderbird, it will be adopted by Google.

    But if I want to create a new task in Thunderbird, the dialog opens, I can also fill in everything, but I can no longer get the dialog closed. It stays up even when I exit Thunderbird from the menu. I then have to kill the Thunderbird process in the task manager. Operating system is Windows 10

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