How do spiders get water in houses?

This is what happens when you flush a spider down the toilet

This is what happens when you flush a spider down the toilet

They cause everything: disgust, panic and fear. One gets along better when a spider is walking around the wall of the room, the other can't stand it at all and gets real anxiety attacks and sweats. Hardly anyone thinks spiders are cute! Unfortunately, especially now in autumn, more and more spiders are coming into our apartments and houses. They are looking for protection from the cold and from the wet.

But what can you do when you see a spider. What's the most sensible way to remove a spider so that it doesn't come back? Some cowards suck up spiders with a vacuum cleaner, but that's just cruelty to animals. Another popular way to get rid of spiders is by flushing the toilet down. But what about sinking the spider in the toilet or sink drain? Or are the rumors true that she can climb out of the drain or the toilet. What exactly happens when a spider flushes down the toilet?

How long does a spider survive underwater?

If you toss a spider in the toilet, flush it, or sink it in the sink, it won't die instantly. Some species of spider can even survive underwater for more than an hour and, with luck (luck for the spider, bad luck for you), can actually crawl out of the drain again. Most of the spider species that live in our home die earlier under water, but they too can withstand it for some time. In addition, it is not particularly animal-friendly to simply drown the spider. Since spiders usually do nothing, you should simply catch them with a glass, slide down a postcard and leave them on the balcony or in front of the house. So she can go on living and is no longer with you in the house.

Life hack against spiders

Did you know? There is a simple trick you can use to keep spiders out of your home. Because they absolutely hate the smell of lavender. Put a lavender bag on the windowsill or near the door and the crawling animals stay away. You can also put a lavender bush in a pot in the room. Mint and eucalyptus oils also have a similar effect, as you can read here in our article. Some people swear by chestnuts on the windowsill, but they should be replaced every three weeks because then they lose their smell. Fly screens on the window also protect against crawling animals.

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