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22 hot and cold drinks for the winter

Winter drinks with alcohol

Classic mulled wine

There is no Advent season without a Christmas market and no Christmas market without mulled wine. But standing outside in the cold? It's much more comfortable at home. So make your own mulled wine. In the warm it provides double happiness! To the recipe

White vanilla mulled wine

Do you dream of a white Christmas? Then get them into your glass with white mulled wine made from dry white wine, orange juice and vanilla. Then the dream will come true, sip by sip, faster than you dared hope. To the recipe

Spiced mulled wine with allspice and anise

Whether pure, with a shot or as a children's punch - in winter the deep red hot drink is simply part of it. Those who like mulled wine will love this recipe! In just a few steps, the classic punch made from brown sugar, red wine and orange can be easily refined with the right winter spices. To the recipe

White mulled wine with lemon

White wine lovers watch out! With this recipe you can conjure up an exciting change from the classic (red) mulled wine. Freshly squeezed juice of oranges and lemons gives the hot drink a tangy note and ensures a pleasant, not too sweet taste. To the recipe

Glögg - mulled wine from Sweden

The Swedish answer to German mulled wine is Glögg! And you should definitely try it and let yourself be enchanted by the traditional Scandinavian Advent drink with raisins and almonds, sip by sip. To the recipe

Mulled wine with cranberries

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Zinfandel - sounds like the perfect basis for a delicious, homemade mulled wine. This recipe includes cranberries, which give the punch a refreshing note with their sour taste. To the recipe

Merry Moscow Mule

Why should you forego your favorite drink during the cold season? Just because it fits better in the warm days? Simply prepare your Moscow Mule with cranberry juice and fruity orange instead of a cool cucumber, so it is really suitable for winter! To the recipe

Pumpkin Martini

This will be our favorite cocktail this winter: We add rum, cream and milk to the pureed pumpkin and then everything is shaken, not stirred! Put sugar, biscuit crumbs and cinnamon on the edge and on top a cinnamon stick and grated nutmeg! To the recipe

Apple and cider sangria with amaretto

Hot drinks are mostly preferred in the cold season, but you still don't have to go without a cool glass from time to time. Because thanks to cinnamon sticks, aniseed and amaretto, this delicious apple cider sangria is wintry, spicy and yet wonderfully refreshing.To the recipe

Hot Buttered Rum with Pumpkin

This creation is a bit more complex to produce, but worth every effort. The homemade pumpkin butter made from apple juice, Hokkaido pumpkin, cane sugar, cloves, ginger and nutmeg gives the punch a spicy note. During preparation, a wonderful smell spreads in the kitchen - just the thing for rainy, gray winter days! To the recipe

Advent punch

Even if Christmas is just around the corner - it's never too late for an Advent punch! The variant made from a black and fruit tea mixture convinces with fine nuances of cardamom and cinnamon and even tastes cold! Blogger Corinne made the sweet stars with a biscuit cutter from apple slices and recommends enjoying the punch with gingerbread. To the recipe

Clermont Apple Sour

As with the original, whiskey sour, bourbon, lemon juice and sugar syrup form the basis. But to make the drink suitable for the cold season, it is tuned with fresh apples, citrus notes and cinnamon. Instead of egg white as in the classic, the whole thing is then topped with a creamy apple cider espuma. So even cloudy winter days can be survived in the best possible way! To the recipe

Alcohol-free winter drinks

Non-alcoholic apple mulled wine

During the Christmas season, mulled wine is simply a must. But he doesn't always have to be in a good mood - this alternative presents itself free of alcohol and with a fruity apple note. And everyone can enjoy them whenever they want! To the recipe

Matcha latte with cream and honey topping and cinnamon

This delicious matcha latte with a cream-honey topping and cinnamon brings color into the gray days, a wonderfully sweet and tart taste on the lips and is also healthy. The winter can come! To the recipe

Homemade chai latte

The cold season has started? Then you can finally make yourself really comfortable. Homemade chai latte with hot milk, winter spices and black tea warms you from the inside and provides the right feel-good factor. To the recipe

Hot chai chocolate

Chai tea has won hearts with its spicy aromas of orange peel, Ceylon cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, pepper, star anise and cloves. With dark chocolate and milk, a delicious variant of the well-known tea drink is created. Not too cute and warm from the inside. To the recipe

Hot coconut chocolate

Coconut milk, flakes and even syrup - what more could a coconut fan want? Chocolate! In this recipe, the sweet temptations come together and result in deliciously hot drinking chocolate. Blogger Christin is over the moon and can't believe this creation yet. Try it out and enjoy! To the recipe

Hot coconut chocolateChristin Bischoff | Chocolateandonions

Caffè and chestnut latte

This little coffee delicacy is made to sweeten a rainy, wet and cold day. Chestnut syrup, hot frothed milk and a shot of espresso - the caffè chestnut latte is ready. It tastes best on the couch. To the recipe

Salted caramel latte

After you feel really cozy at home in winter with this salted caramel latte! Simply prepare coffee, warm milk with aromatic spices, add cream, put a straw in and off you go on the couch! To the recipe

Hot punch

Blogger Saskia prefers a cozy evening at home with friends to a visit to the packed Christmas market. Can be understood when she serves this punch. A delicious fruit tea with apple juice, orange and cinnamon is a nice alternative to alcoholic mulled wine. Finally, pomegranate pearls refine the hot punch and provide a sweet surprise. To the recipe

Vegan hot chocolate

In white, with coconut or with chai tea - drinking chocolate can be prepared with a wide variety of ingredients. This recipe even offers a particularly nutrition-conscious variant: Hot vegan chocolate made from almond milk - homemade in no time and simply delicious! To the recipe

Hot White Chocolate

Hot chocolate - known and loved by everyone. But what is it? White hot chocolate? Exactly! With this recipe you can conjure up delicious little chocolate cubes that can be melted again in warm milk. The white version of the sweet delicacy is just as suitable as the original for wonderfully aromatic drinking chocolate. To the recipe