What is a skilled worker

Qualified workers

As a small country, Luxembourg has always opened up to the outside world and, in its development, relies on its own know-how as well as that of the many cross-border commuters and foreign citizens from all over the world who work in Luxembourg.

The multicultural environment, as well as the Luxembourg school system, which enables children to speak Luxembourgish, French, German and English from an early age, means that the majority of employees speak at least three languages ​​- a clear competitive advantage over other countries!

However, the workforce in Luxembourg is not only characterized by its multilingualism, but also, in particular, by its professional qualifications. This is proven by several studies such as the report of the World Economic Forum (WEF) from 2015.

According to this report, which ranks 124 countries in terms of the skills level of the workforce, Luxembourg ranks first in terms of the share of highly skilled workers in the total active population. According to this, almost 60% of all workers in Luxembourg are highly qualified.


Human Capital Index 2015% of all employees *
United Kingdom48.0
New Zealand47.4

Source: World Economic Forum 2015 / ILO Statistics Definition: managers, specialists and technicians