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Beauty Talk Painted lips are a beautiful eye-catcher. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing the right lipstick. Our make-up artist Bea Petri reveals which color is which type.

Dear Bea, I recently bought an expensive lipstick in a light color. Now I have to find out that this pencil is getting a different color on my lips. Now I wonder if the quality of the lipstick is bad, even though I paid a lot of money for it. Or should I use a different color? (Katja, 34, Aarau)

Dear Katja, This has nothing to do with the quality of the product. Unfortunately, bright lipstick doesn't suit everyone. The reason for this lies in the natural lip color. Lips with a lot of blood flow are naturally rather dark. Even a light lipstick cannot cover this. And it shouldn't either, because good make-up primarily suits its wearer.

Beauty talk with make-up artist Bea Petri

She has already powdered quite a few celebrities. Makeup artist Bea Petri answers your beauty questions every week on feminleben.ch. Please send your questions to: [email protected]

When choosing the right lipstick, you have to pay particular attention to the skin type and hair color. Blondes with light skin look great in soft pastel colors such as peach, rose or lavender. The typical Snow White look suits women with dark hair and light skin tone: rich red lips. But pink and purple can also look beautiful. Brunettes with darker complexions have it easy. Almost all lipstick colors look good on them. However, blackberry and brown tones look particularly great.

If you have narrow lips, you should use lighter colors such as rosé, apricot or salmon - dark tones look very strict on narrow lips. A little tip: To make the lips look fuller, simply use a lip liner to carefully trace something outside the natural lip contour. Then fill in the lips with the same color and dab gloss on the middle if necessary.

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