How can I lighten a hair dye

Lighten hair with home remedies: Here's how

Lighten hair with lemon

Citric acid has it all and is suitable for natural hair lightening. Lemon juice gives you great results, especially with light hair colors, but darker hair colors can also be lightened by a shade. It is also popular to use after minor color accidents or to discolor hair, i.e. to get rid of chemical hair dyes.

Who is it for? Every hair color, with already light hair, the best results are targeted - even already tinted or dyed hair can be treated.

How are you? Depending on the length of your hair, squeeze five to ten lemons (or use about 250 ml of ready-made lemon juice) and pour the juice into a spray bottle. Spray damp hair with it, distribute it well with a comb and let the DIY tint work for 20 minutes. Heat enhances the whitening effect - so it's best to wrap your hair under a hood or with cling film. Then rinse. Even more intense results are achieved if you let your hair air dry in the sun.

What should you watch out for? If you have dry and already damaged hair, you should dilute the lemon juice with 100 ml of water. A moisturizing cure is then mandatory for everyone, as citric acid dries out the hair a lot. You can repeat the procedure several times, but ideally you should give your hair a week of rest between applications.

Extra tip: Instead of lemon juice, you can also use vitamin C capsules to lighten the hair. Simply crush 5-10 capsules from the drugstore, mix with a conditioner and use once a week to lighten the hair step by step.