Mazzy Star is an underrated band

Thursday October 11, 2012

One of the underrated bands of the 80s was certainly OPAL (founded by Dave Roback, who put together MAZZY STAR a few years later). Super cool, hard brain confusing music. I bought the LP in 1987 fairy records in the Kaiserstra├če / Karlsruhe (that was the best record shop within a radius of at least 300 kilometers, in the mid-80s; they even had records from Soviet France and bootlegs from the 13th Floor Elevators). At that time I was recommended OPAL by the bass player in my first band. I still have the record today. And this song is booming!

Spoken by SOVIET FRANCE (or: Zoviet France: as they call themselves today), I wasn't ready for this band in the 80s, at the age of fifteen or sixteen I found this kind of noise music still too extremist (meanwhile I think that's great). In addition, their records, which came out in strangely designed, limited editions, were incredibly expensive, sometimes 50 marks for an album. I listened to the things from time to time fairy records and heard mysterious stories about the band from the recorder Thomas. Nobody knew who was a member there, and the band was considered a kind of secret order (similar to the PSYCHIC TV project). I decided to buy the latest Tom Waits or a bootleg from Joy Division.

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