Why do we put plaster of paris in cement

Details aboutPigments Color powder for concrete Gypsum Cement color black 1 to 10 kg

The pigments we sell are in 100% inorganic substance. You have the following advantages:

- light-water-weatherproof

- with a high pigment content

- non-toxic

- very stable

- chemically resistant

You only need 5 kg of paint to color through at least 10 mq of concrete surface.

The product can prove itself when coloring concrete, screed, plaster, plaster, resin.

Important! We sell the pigments in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5kg bags.

Please select the correct number of pieces when shopping in order to be able to have the desired weight.


You can mix all colors with each other to get your own color tones. You can now let your imagination run wild. The correct mixing ratio is 3% - 5% color powder to the amount of plaster, cement and screed powder used.

In the case of emulsion paints, the value can deviate, then you can achieve a greater intensity in the mixing ratio.

Please note that the color can change later due to soiling or blooming.



Can't find the color you want? Please see our other offers. We have a wide range of colors.




The photos can have a slightly different setting for color depth and contrast.



The pictures show the product sold.