How do I test HTML

Barrier compass Portal for digital accessibility

With these eight simple tests you can quickly check whether your site actually complies at least in principle with the requirements of the BITV for barrier-free Internet. Of course, these simple tests only represent an excerpt from the entire BITV test. But if these aspects have not already been taken into account, then it does not look good for the overall accessibility of the tested page. You will find even more possible quick tests with the W3C as so-called Easy Checks.

Important: As a rule, different contact persons are responsible for the different areas of a page. For the sake of simplicity, we differentiate between backend technology (server, CMS, shop, weblog, etc.), frontend technology (design, color contrasts, HTML framework, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) and editing (texts, images including ALT Texts and image compression, structure including headings, lists, data tables, etc., speaking navigation items, barrier-free PDF, video subtitles and transcripts, etc.).

You can see that the editorial team also has a great responsibility for the accessibility of the content. The backend technology should support the editor in this (keyword: speaking URLs, automatic filling of the page title from the navigation point and the like). The frontent technology must provide a valid and, according to BITV, barrier-free framework. And the editorial team has the difficult task of ensuring sustainable accessibility in the content area.