How many concurrent requests can CodeIgniter handle

one call and several action controllers?

Hello Kaiuwe,

Overall, you still have the wrong thinking.

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Maybe something about the background (without wanting to sound conceited), because it would not be fair to conceal it: I am a software architect at one of the largest trade fair providers in Germany and I design complex, database-supported web applications. The examples shown here are like everyday bread for us, as there is not just one, but n such dependencies on a site like, which I have outlined with the example that you think is inappropriate. Even within an application such as the subscriber database, modules from different service providers are brought together in terms of software Nothing have to do with each other, except that the GUI interface is the same. The applications are set up on a framework that has a clean GUI-DOM model that can be used to map this functionality with ease.
The reason I asked is an article comparing PHP frameworks. Among other things, this article deals with exactly this GUI-DOM topic and the linking of functions to the page, action handling, pending actions, etc.

Now to the technical topics:

Not that complicated! A hidden text field in the registration form, what is the content of the current page and use this value for a "redirect".

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I would like to remain a little abstract, because that is another concrete solution. If I follow this one, I still have to know whomy partner module is, and Whatit to correct functionof information needed. We cannot avoid generating dependencies that are neither sensible in terms of software design, nor are they easy to implement. If you want to solve this generically, it will certainly not be an easy undertaking.

Doesn't seem like that, because I'll just say no.
In your weather scenario you wanted to navigate the news at the same time and this is hardly the case. That's why I brought the login example again, because each controller only carries out its own actions and nothing more.

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You are trying to break down the complex example to the controller & action thinking in a brutal way, which is neither wanted nor feasible (see above).

A "box" or a "box" on a website, be it a user login, a shopping cart, the latest visitor contributions or anything else, are not modules, controllers and certainly not any actions from the MVC framework!

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Because that doesn't work with the ZF, or why? If the composite pattern is interpreted together with the PageController and also with the MVC pattern, it is possible without problems to postulate that the GUI of a web application, like an HTML / XML page, also consists of any DOM nodes that each represents its own small MVC structure, whereby the model in this case does not hang directly in the DOM node, but in one or more business layers. A model in the sense of the Zend Framework is in principle - if you add the data mapper pattern here - a data object that is processed by the business layer and the presentation layer is used for representation. In principle, one does not have to assume that this always has such a strong connection to the MVC construct, because the model is not just a data object, but rather also information about the status of an application or information about which views are displayed by which controller (example: application with several blocks that can be opened and closed).
Since the ZF does not implement a universal solution for this - 3-layer architecture is unfortunately not particularly popular here - it is really difficult for me to design complex GUIs. I think using products like Smarty for this is dangerous, because it eludes the design and scope of the framework and especially the front controller.

I would therefore advise you: Before you think about complicated structures, take another look at what controllers and actions are and what are they intended for. Then you look at the usage of modules in the Zend Framework.
When working through, you should by no means try to squeeze controllers, actions or modules into a website grid, because that is wrong.

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As already mentioned above: I don't think about it, I have a template and compare frameworks. One of the tasks is to build complex GUIs, as I have already described. The bottom line here is that there are no dependent actions. Unfortunately.