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Blood draw, urine and sweat test. These are a serious invasion of your physical integrity. It may only be carried out on a suspect and, in theory, requires the consent of a judge. In practice it looks different. In the case of “imminent danger”, a police officer can decide to physically examine you without the consent of a judge. There is imminent danger if it is necessary for a police officer to react immediately, e.g. to be able to prove later that you were under the influence of alcohol at the said time.

In any case, actual evidence must be available. (Again, just having reddened eyes is not enough. However, if you smell of alcohol, this is sufficient factual evidence.)

The same applies again: You can refuse your consent: "No, I don't want that."

If a police officer would like to carry out one of the measures of a physical examination without your consent, you can make it clear again: “No, you will not do that, otherwise you will make yourself according to Section 340 of the Criminal Code the Assault in office punishable. "

A police officer is not allowed to take you to the station just because you are not cooperative. If a policeman thinks otherwise, you can also explain here: “No, you won't do that, otherwise you will make yourself acc. Section 239 of the Criminal Code the Deprivation of liberty punishable. "