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NFL Draft 2021: This is Trevor Lawrence

The fact that the big draft discussions these days are not about Trevor Lawrence says everything about his quality. Nobody in NFL circles seriously doubts that the 21-year-old will be the "First Overall Pick" on Thursday night - and has actually been for a good two years.

When the quarterback with the distinctive hair mane led Clemson University to the US college championship in January 2019, the media turned over. Not necessarily because he had just won the biggest title in college, but because he was the first quarterback in 34 years to win it in his first year of college - a year in which most other players had a "red shirt" Season "as a substitute and be introduced to the higher level. Lawrence doesn't. Just turned 19, he was the biggest star in college football - and still is today. Until Thursday. Then, at the age of 21, he will most likely be the new face of the Jacksonville Jaguars who hold the first pick of the draft.

35 yard litter at the age of seven

Lawrence is someone who has been paraphrased with almost every superlative in the past few years. There is talk of the greatest talent of his generation, of one who only appears every ten or twenty years. From an exceptional talent, a born quarterback. By the age of seven, he could throw the ball 35 yards and conduct a spread offense. In a junior high school game, he threw for a total of 330 yards - even though the quarters were only eight minutes long.

In the college recruiting process, Lawrence was named one of the best high school quarterbacks of all time - and now one of the best college quarterbacks of all time. ESPN expert Mel Kiper, a US NFL draft institution, describes Lawrence as the fourth best player he scouted in his analyst days since 1979. Before him only: John Elway, Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. Two legends of the sport - and one that could have become if the bad luck with injuries hadn't thwarted his plans.

"The ultimate prototype of today's franchise quarterback"

Two of the three are also central to Lawrence's rating. Manning, 1998 First Overall Pick and five-time NFL MVP, is his great role model. Like the "Sheriff" once for Tennessee, he wore the shirt number 16 in college. Zu Luck, First Overall Pick 2012 and 2019 after many injuries resigned early, but most parallels are now drawn when Lawrence's game is analyzed. "Their skills are absolutely comparable," an unnamed scout of an NFL team is quoted in a report on nfl.com.

Biggest achievement to date: Trevor Lawrence with the 2019 college championship trophy. Getty Images

Lawrence has a height of almost two meters, he throws precisely, has an incredibly powerful arm and a high level of game intelligence, and is also a very mobile quarterback thanks to his athleticism. Or, as NFL analyst Lance Zierlein puts it: "Lawrence is the ultimate prototype of today's franchise quarterback." Like Luck back then.

Lawrence just won his whole life

The difference between the two: Lawrence was far more successful in college. In fact, he just won, all his life. The model athlete has completed a total of 90 games in high school and college as a starting quarterback, 86 of which finished as a winner. Lawrence has never lost a regular season game in his career.

That should change very quickly in the NFL. In Jacksonville, he'll have to lead a team that won just a single game last season and is one of the league's qualitative dregs. One that has often picked early in the draft in the past and has not always had good experiences with it. It should be all the more important for the franchise, which now also has a new head coach in Urban Meyer, not to land another mistake like the Blake Bortles selected in 2014 as number three.

A signature bonus as a cryptocurrency

And of course there are also minor question marks in Lawrence's case. So he benefited in college from a quarterback-friendly offense that was superior to most opponents apart from him. In addition, his behavior under strong pass-rush pressure and inconsistent throws across the middle of the field are cited by some scouts as weak points.

So Lawrence is not a perfect prospect. But much closer to this utopia than most of the others. And a comparatively safe number for the Jaguars. Because unlike his two predecessors as first overall pick, Joe Burrow and Kyler Murray, which suddenly exploded in their senior year of college, Lawrence has shown the highest level over three years.

He is also considered to be one who thinks beyond the edge of the football field. The 21-year-old was actively involved in the "Black Lives Matter" movement last year, and he will have the signature bonus paid out as crypto currency. Lawrence is a brand - even before his first NFL game.