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Jenkins hosting in Germany for continuous integration

Agile development: release early, release often

Jenkins is an automation server that continuously tests software components and combines them into a complex application program. integration) and for delivery Delivery) on application servers. Jenkins can be expanded with plug-ins, making it almost universally adaptable and suitable for any type of IT project - even for distributed web applications. Jenkins calls the individual steps that have to be followed through continuous integration and continuous delivery the pipeline. The configuration is carried out conveniently via a web interface. Jenkins supports almost every version management and can be conveniently linked to Gitblit on the Cusy platform.

Hosting and data protection

Cusy hosts your Jenkins instance in accordance with the requirements of German data protection law and taking into account the new European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), which came into force in 2018. This enables you to maintain a high level of IT compliance in the interests of your customers and clients. For more information on how Cusy protects your data, see Security and Privacy.


Jenkins is licensed as free software under the MIT License (MIT).

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