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Billy Graham announces 'Amsterdam 2000' - Evangelist supports first global evangelist conference in 14 years

MINNAPOLIS (ots-PRNewswire) - The evangelist Billy Graham gave
Today plans announced for a conference of preachers to be held from July 29th to August 6th, 2000 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Religious leaders around the world have assisted Billy Graham in his efforts to reunite Christian religious leaders to spread the gospel in the turbulent times of the 21st century at the dawn of a new millennium.

"Amid the rapid changes in almost every phase of our lives, the task of global evangelization remains a primary concern of the Corpus Christi," said Billy Graham. "The decline of the world's societies, the perplexity of governments and the cry from the bottom of their hearts for a revival in the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ - all of these indicate that the world needs a Savior.

"The Lord has many helpers, all of them extraordinary
Work to bring the good news to all those who are still in the dark, "continued Billy Graham." Their story needs to be known, their strategies disseminated, their commitment deepened, and their fellowship enriched in the Corpus Christi.

More than 10,000 participants - three quarters of them traveling preachers - from at least 185 countries and territories speaking at least 25 official languages ​​are expected at the event - Amsterdam 2000. Additional attendees will include theologians, strategists, church leaders, stewards, and event staff. The event will take place on the RAI convention site in Amsterdam and will include daily services and prayers, plenary sessions, seminars and workshops.

Dr. John Corts, President and COO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) will serve as general director of the conference. Additional members of the executive team include: John Akers, Program Chairman, Robert Williams, Director of Participant Services, Gerry Skindelien, Director of Administration, and Dan Southern, Director of Arrangements.

"Evangelization is new to every generation," said Dr. Corts. The message of the gospel and the need for that message will not change in the next century, but the methods of preaching will be different. We cannot rely on past victories, nor can we foresee how the gospel will be spread in the future. But it is imperative for us that we come together and encourage each other in a task that seems to be more depressing every day and that we reflect on the things that will not change and that we feel the fire again for that, what God is doing through His disciples all over the world. "

Historical bases
Billy Graham has attended and directed many similar conventions in the past, starting with a Youth for Christ event in Beatenberg, Switzerland, in 1948, where more effective ways to bring the gospel to the world were discussed. In 1966 he contributed - in connection with Christianity Today - to the organization and financing of the Berlin Congress. From this gathering a new confidence arose among leaders from across the Christian world as the participants gained a deeper awareness of the firm theological foundations of global evangelization.

BGEA sponsored an important conference in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1974, where principles, concepts, methods, tools and strategies were discussed to reach the young generation around the world. The Lausanne Confederation is still a useful guide for preachers around the world. Amsterdam was the site of the two most recent international conferences of the Annunciation. The Amsterdam Affirmations - 1983 and 1986 - brought encouragement and clarity to preachers in all walks of life and, as a result, produced a biblical norm - the Biblical Standard for Evangelists - which many still use today.

Overwhelming international support
Leading evangelists around the world agree that the year 2000 and the dawn of a new millennium is an appropriate time for leaders of Christian religions to gather at an international conference. Such a conference includes prayers and the togetherness of believers, a look at the progress and prospects of evangelization, and a reaffirmation of the commitment to the task of world evangelization.

According to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey, "The questions that mankind faces today are more pressing than ever. There are now new challenges to the Christian faith that I believe this conference will address."

Rev. Nikolai Nedelchev, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Evangelical Alliance agrees: "Church leaders have an urgent need to sit down and discuss some important issues, and Billy Graham is one of the best at organizing a discussion on how to move forward and to fulfill the great task of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to reach all people with the gospel. "

Church officials from Singapore to Argentina will attend. Hui Lin Chen, leader of the Singapore Crusade for Christ Campus, believes this conference will help unite a new generation of Christian religious leaders with current Christian pioneers. "This 2000 gathering can use tried and tested technologies and programs to promote the preaching of the gospel in the remotest corners of the earth."

Even American religious leaders agree. "The world is changing so rapidly, right before our eyes, both technologically and in terms of the value systems now prevailing in the West, that the Church urgently needs to rethink its strategies for reaching the world," said Charles Colson, president of Prison Fellowship Ministries .

As the year 2000 approaches, many Christian religious leaders believe that it is because of changes in world politics, changed social and religious behavior, and the number of new religious leaders who have emerged over the past decade
have come out and carry the gospel into the next millennium, it is time to meet again.

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