How are musical genres defined

Genres of music

In the world of music there is several musical styles, also called musical genres. "Genre" comes from the French and means something like "genre". But music genre would sound like German again, right ?! In any case, music genres describe styles in order to be able to classify the artistic characteristics of the performers. The whole thing doesn't just take place in the music scene. But both in theater and film, as well as in poetry. So we all have our favorite styles in the film industry. Some like action films, some like horror or comedies.

What kinds of music are there?

There are a hell of a lot of different genres in music. These in turn have so-called "Sub-Genres", these sometimes mix with each other and create new sub-genres. I don't know how many genres of music there are. But it definitely is more than 100 pieces! The most popular genres of music can, however, be listed quite easily: Pop, Schlager, Rock, Classical, Rap, Electro and House. It should be mentioned briefly that you can become a "star" in almost every area. For example, a pop star, rock star or a hit star. Where's the rap star or the electro star !? Well, all terms from the press ... Maybe there will soon be the rap god or the techno king, who knows ...

How many styles of music are there?

As I mentioned above, you can't really tell. If you were to add up all genres of music, you would get around 400-500 pieces. Sometimes it is a matter of interpretation how far the sub-categories of each genre are broken down. In rock music alone there are probably over 70 music genres: alternative rock, new wave rock, grunge, gothic rock, indie rock, runk, rock 'n' roll, progressive rock, medieval rock, Detroit rock, death rock, funk metal, Soft rock, synth rock, glam rock or pop rock. A detailed list of which rock music genres are available can be found here on Wikipedia.

A larger overview of the music genres can also be found on Wikipedia. Here the genres are broken down according to country, people, religion or the main musical styles.

Music genre list

As already said: there are many styles of music and genres, which in turn have several sub-genres! In my blog I would like to give you a list with many styles of music, sub-genres and one or the other explanation. For some music genres there will also be a suitable video from one or the other preferred artist on my part. Here is the list of genres that I would like to bring closer to you on my blog (the last one is a kind of special category):

  • Techno (e.g. Tech House, Future House, Acid Techno and Goa)
  • Rock (e.g. classic rock, alternative rock)
  • Punk (e.g. punk rock, folk punk and grunge)

The most popular music genres:

  • Rock music -> for an example, listen to The Fastlane
  • pop music
  • Bat
  • Electric
  • House
  • Hip hop
  • Classic

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