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Erbium - symbol Er, atomic number 68 - is a white, silver-light, hexagonally crystallizing, malleable, albeit brittle, metallic chemical element from the group of lanthanoids (rare earths).


Overview: General data on the erbium


The identification feature for the Er atom - and thus for the element erbium - is the number of protons in the atomic nucleus (atomic number or proton number) and - in the uncharged state - the same number of electrons in the atomic shell; this is 68 in each case and determines the atomic number, atomic number or atomic number of the erbium.

The nuclear building blocks of the neutrons ensure differences in the erbium atomic nuclei with the same atomic number. These types of atoms are under the term Erbium isotopes or erbium nuclides (isotope data: see there).

The earthly erbium deposits consist of an isotope mixture; the relative atomic mass is therefore given as 167.259 u.


Electron configuration

symbolOZshort form1s2s2p3s3p3d4s4p4d4f5s5p5d5f6s6p6d6f
He68[Xe] 4f12 6s2226261026103262


Ionization energies

The following table lists the binding energies or the ionization energies IE of the erbium, i.e. the energy required in electron volts (eV) to separate a certain electron from an Er atom.

1. IE: 6.1077 eV2. IE: 11.93 eV3. IE: 22.74 eV4. IE: 42.7 eV5. IE: eV6. IE: eV


Electron binding energy

The following table lists the electron binding energies of the individual erbium electrons in the respective orbitals. The values ​​are given in electron volts (eV).









Further data


Spectral lines of the erbium

The following figure shows an emission spectrum of erbium with the characteristic spectral lines in the visible wavelength range between 400 and 700 nm:



Chemical data


Standard potentials

Normal potential of the erbium:

E.0 (V)NoxName Ox.Ox.e-Red.Name Red.Nox
-2,32+ IIIErbium (III) cationHe3++ 3 e-He (s)Erbium0


Material and physical properties of the erbium

The following overview lists some physical data and material properties of the pure erbium metal.



Geochemistry, occurrence, distribution

The concentration of erbium in the earth's crust is around 3.5 mg / kg and in sea water 0.9 ng / l; this means that the element is in 45th position in terms of frequency.



(General information without guarantee of correctness and completeness)

Metallic erbium in dust form is fire and explosive.

H228: Flammable solid!

Safety advice S210: Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other types of ignition sources. Do not smoke.


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