How to report a driving offense

Driver's license reservation system: this is how it works

If certain traffic rules are violated, there is a "reservation". What can I do against a reservation?

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What does reservation system mean?

  • The reservation system is like that "Yellow card" the road: For traffic offenses, a note in the driver's license register is the preliminary stage for revoking driving authorization.
  • The reservation system is a first step to get one early Risk driver to recognize, to draw his attention to his behavior and thus to "educate" him to be a considerate driver.
  • Anyone who violates a certain traffic rule at the wheel has to pay a fine with an entry in the Driver's license register calculate.
  • However, the following also applies: Anyone who races or endangers others immediately receives the "red card" and has to hand in their driver's license to the authorities for some time.

This is how it works

  • The first offense out of a catalog of 14 serious traffic violations that endanger other road users will result in one Reservation in the register.
  • After the second offense from this "pool" comes the order, one measure to complete, such as behavior training.
  • Only when these two steps have brought no improvement and a third offense is committed within two years, the migrates Driving license to the authority for at least three months.

An overview of the offenses

  • Violation of the 0.1 per mille limit for C and D driving licenses (trucks and buses)
  • General violation of the 0.5 per mil limit
  • Failure to comply with child safety regulations
  • Endangerment of pedestrians on the protective route
  • Failure to keep the safety distance of 0.2 to 0.4 seconds (including withdrawal offense)
  • Driving over a stop board with violation of priority
  • Driving over red traffic light with violation of priority
  • Driving on the emergency lane with disabilities by emergency vehicles
  • Driving on the rescue alley: Since September 1, 2019, it is prohibited to drive on the rescue alley. There is always a reservation for drivers of multi-lane vehicles, for drivers of single-lane vehicles only if driving on the emergency lane has led to an obstruction of emergency vehicles, vehicles of the road service, the road security or the breakdown service.
  • Violation of the driving ban for vehicles with dangerous goods
  • Disregard of the tunnel ordinance regarding the transport of
    dangerous goods when driving in motorway tunnels
  • Blocking of the tracks and violation of yellow or red light at level crossings + bypassing already closed barriers
  • Driving a motor vehicle with severe defects
  • Driving a vehicle with an unsecured load

What happens to the reservation?

  • With the penalty notice for the first violation, the driver is informed of the impending further steps in continuing his "career" informed.
  • After multiple violations, the driver must activities complete, which range from psychological discussions and driving safety training to training on proper child safety.
  • If, however, no subsequent offense is entered within two years, the reservation will no longer be taken into account.

What can I do against a reservation?

Anyone who believes they have been wrongly punished must fight the penalty notice with an appeal. The reservation only becomes effective when the penalty notice becomes final. The legal advice of the ÖAMTC offers help.

Info card driver's license reservation system

You can find all information to download in the driver's license reservation system folder (pdf).

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