What is pattern recognition in artificial intelligence

AI pattern recognition helps with order planning

In a research and development project, the Jacobs University in Bremen, together with the SMS Group, is investigating how production planning can be further optimized in a digital, networked manufacturing environment. Machine learning and artificial intelligence should ensure the fastest possible automatic reactions to changing production parameters. The project not only relies on theories and a shielded laboratory environment, but also on real production planning systems: The new processes will be implemented in the existing X-Pact-MES-4.0 environments of SMS Group customer Big River Steel.

The primary goals are to use machine learning and pattern recognition to increase production adherence to schedules and productivity. In addition, the focus is on the development of the new planning module called X-Pact MES 4.0 Performance Enrichment Analysis, which should also be able to handle the AI-based evaluation of data. This should enable a self-learning order analysis that automatically creates connections between existing data and specific performance indicators. Meanwhile, other industrial sectors are also striving for similar goals with the means of consistent digitization - the machine technicians at Strabag BMTI, for example, are pursuing the same modernization strategy.