What is the most prestigious tennis tournament

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships

Every year the tennis world moves to Wimbledon in south west London. For two weeks in summer everything revolves around tennis, strawberries with cream and patiently standing in line.

Wimbledon is one of the four annual Grand Slam tennis tournaments that take place around the world. It is the longest running and most prestigious tennis tournament. The games are still played on the original playing surface, on the grass. Players must adhere to the dress code and are only allowed to wear white.

Tickets for Wimbledon are awarded in advance through a public raffle, which was first introduced in 1924. This raffle is always overflowing and participation does not guarantee receipt of an admission ticket. Successful participants are determined randomly by computer. You cannot order tickets for certain days or places.

But Wimbledon offers spectators the opportunity to purchase premium tickets on the respective day. However, you have to be prepared for queues here.

During the tournament, from the first to the ninth day for the Center Court and the No. 2 Court 500 tickets available. A total of 500 tickets for No. 1 court available. To get hold of one of these tickets, expect to be in line overnight.

Several thousand terrain passes for access to the site are also sold every day. This gives you access to the adjacent seats and the barrier to Court No. 2. You can also watch the games here from the large screen on Henman Hill. After the site passes have all been issued, people have to wait in line for people to leave the site. The number of people leaving the premises can then be exchanged for the number of people waiting.