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She is also used with less grandiose names like Birman or just called Burma. In no case should it be confused with the Burmese cat.

Birman (also Holy Burma) - a bit of a Siamese cat, a bit of a Persian cat ...

The ~ combines the coveted characteristics of Siamese and Persians: a calm, balanced nature, silky medium-length fur, bright blue eyes and the beautiful Siampoints refined with white gloves. This fascinating breed of cats has found many fans in Germany.

~n are built very harmoniously and have a balanced physique.
To the ~ there are many legends. It is said that many centuries ago in the mountains of Lugh there lived a monk with a long golden beard, which he received from the god Song-Hio.

~n are considered the 'golden mean' between Siamese and Persian cats, which also has an effect on the character, because they have the human-related and moderately active of the Siamese and the quiet-loving, gentle of the Persians.

~n are gentle, love tranquility, are moderately active and very
people-related. They can be kept with other types of cats,
as they are very sociable and should therefore be kept there at least in pairs
they feel uncomfortable alone. The ~ should not be confused with the Burmese cat.

~n are people-oriented, quiet-loving, meek and moderately active. They are sociable animals that feel uncomfortable on their own and should therefore be kept at least in pairs (also with other cat species). The ~ should not be confused with the Burmese cat, which is a breed of its own.

~n are rather cozy house tigers who do not have a very pronounced urge to move. They are considered to be very meek and need a lot of company. So there should definitely be another cat in the household and people should be able to spend enough time with them too.


The Birman cat used to be the companion cat of the Kittah priests in Thailand. She has a calm, gentle character and actively seeks the company of people. They are very sociable and have a strong bond with other people, so they should be kept as domestic cats.

~n in cream and tortie point
Owner Angelika Weiss
Birma litter: lilac point, creme point, blue tortie point
left to right
Breeder Angelika Weiss ...

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~, blue-tabby-point, image source:
For cats with little white spotting - for example ~n - the paws are often completely white.

The ~n owes its appearance to a cross between Siamese and Persian cats in France in the 1920s. So it's not surprising that ~n animals are outstanding in character and appearance! ...

The ~n have point color on the face, ears, paws and tail. The rest is very light eggshell color, and the back shows a golden beige in all shades of color of the cat. The belly is without spots.

also:~, Sacred cat of Burma
According to legend, Holy Burma has its origins in the former Burma (now Myanmar).

A pregnant one ~ is said to have been brought to France at the beginning of the 20th century, where breeding began.

Siamese cat
Angora cat
Abyssinian cat
Often, however, it is the animal's personality that leads us to suspect that these are particularly intelligent cat breeds.

Properties of the ~
In her entire appearance, the Holy Burma is very elegant and strides almost royally. Only when playing and on the hunt - if she has the opportunity - shows her fast and excellent, cat-typical agility.

- The ~n look cute and have a very pleasant and affectionate cat character.
Carthusian cats and British shorthair cats (BKH)
- These pedigree cats are fond of children but do not like intrusiveness, love occupation, are open-minded and friendly, easy to care for and uncomplicated.

The colour ~n have the same characteristic markings as the Siamese on their face, ears, paws and tail: these are, for example, brown (seal-point). The rest of the rock is very light, eggshell-colored; the back shows golden beige in all colors. The belly is completely white.

The systematic breeding of the ~ began in France at the beginning of the 20th century, where it was recognized as a breed in 1925. In Europe, breed breeding probably goes back to crossbreeding of Siamese and / or Persian cats with cats imported from Burma.

The Burmese cat is not allowed to go with the ~ be confused, because this represents a breed of its own. In their homeland, this breed cat is considered a good luck charm, because it is a sacred temple cat.

They should not be kept outdoors as they are too human-related and allow themselves to be taken in by strangers. It is important that the fur of the ~ Brushing regularly, as swallowing too much hair can lead to an intestinal obstruction. ~n weigh up to 6 kg.

Today it is assumed that the mask gene of the velvet paw is caused by a cross with Siamese, Thai or ~n has found its way into the Siberian cat population. However, there is still no evidence of the exact origin of the color, as there is no data available for targeted breeding.

This cat is adorable: Holy Burma, too ~ called, not only has a magnificent appearance, but is very people-friendly.
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Nevertheless, there are some serious differences: While the mask for Siamese cats can only be brown, it can be used for ~n can also be black, blue, gray or even tabby. Practically all colors are allowed here, as long as the mask and legs are appropriately colored.

White area from foot to thigh: especially in the ~n and the Snowshoe cats ("boots" up to the thigh on the back) (see spur, glove)
Tail ...

The Snowshoe cat is an American breed. It was bred with the aim of creating the typical markings of the Siamese with the white feet of the ~ to combine. The body of this cat is similar to the Oriental Shorthair, but generally larger and [.]
British shorthair ...

According to the breeders, this American semi-long hair breed owes its name to its tolerance and playfulness.
Their appearance is reminiscent of that of the ~.
The fur is medium to long, fine and soft like rabbit fur.
It is particularly emphasized that it neither felts nor knots.

This is how the dark face masks, ears, paws and tails are called, for example with the Siamese, Colourpoint and ~. Badges are always darker than the basic color of the rest of the fur).

If you travel a lot yourself, the animals can keep each other company. An older animal gets along best with a young male or two neutered males from the same litter. ~n would be a good choice for this constellation of two. They are people-oriented, calm and very gentle.

White spotting:
The S gene is responsible for the development of white fur areas. In different individuals it is dominant (for example in Particolor). The white paws of the ~However, n are recessive.

No! A fungal attack does not necessarily have to be externally visible, but can also have spread to the organs! This can result in severe pneumonia, for example, which can lead to death (as in the case of Alisha, a ~ from a breeding dissolution).
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