Do you have a first love

First love - that's how it feels

First love - that's what it feels like

We were curious and asked the Mä users: How did you experience your first love? Are you still together or was there a love fiasco? Here are your best stories on the subject of "My first great love".

The first love is something very special that you won't soon forget. The first time you have butterflies in your stomach, the mere thought of him tingles and everything else in the world becomes unimportant. It's an exciting time and every girl experiences first love differently. There are happy endings, and being in love grows into a real relationship that lasts longer. But the fall of cloud nine can also come faster than you think and it can be very painful. Most first love relationships have an inseparable feeling: lovesickness when it's over.

We wanted to know your very personal love stories in the Mä forum: How did you experience your first love? Was there a happy ending or didn't it go well for a long time? The result are romantic, blatant stories but also sad stories about first love. Thanks to all the girls who took part!

The first love is often followed by the first heartache. Mä has tips on how to best overcome it: Help against lovesickness. But being single also has its advantages. Which? Check the gallery: Single - So what? You can find out in our test whether your current boyfriend is really the right one. Plus: A look at the relationship forum is always worthwhile.

First love with a "half" happy ending

User Ne0ngelb's first love is romantic and bittersweet. Check your story!

So I went to a little party with a couple of friends that their village was hosting. My friend Mona had been chatting with a couple of guys for a few months who came too. We sat down together at a table and I noticed that one of the boys looked over at me more and more often and I liked him immediately. He just sat down over to me and we started talking and over time got along better and better, he shot me a rose and a couple of cuddly toys (which I still have) at the shooting range.He made me a lot of compliments and just wanted to sit with me and of course I liked that too. When we finally said goodbye, I got a kiss on the cheek. Cell phone numbers were of course also exchanged.

A few weeks later, my friends and I arranged to meet the boys again for a summer night party (I think that sounds very romantic). Of course he was there too. I always secretly drank his beer (he was 17) and when his buddies went swimming with my friends at the lake next door (it was 11 a.m.), we finally had some time to ourselves and we talked and didn't even notice how time passed quickly. He also hugged me very lovingly. When we said goodbye, he kissed me on the mouth.

A few days later he invited me to the cinema and we saw each other"The bride herself"which was really funny as he made a hilarious comment on every matching scene. At some point we got so close that he took my face and kissed me. That was my first real kiss, at the movies, when I was 14. We met more often and did a lot.At some point he said that he fell in love with me. From then on everything worked because I fell in love too. He asked me if I wanted to be with him and of course I said yes.

Unfortunately, the whole thing only lasted a few weeks. He said that he doesn't want to lose me and that he really likes me, but he doesn't like it because he is afraid that if we break up we will fall apart. He definitely doesn't want that, and if we couldn't just remain very good friends.

Of course I was very sad, but I thought to myself that I still have it and that's how it is.He's the best male buddy I have and I would say the story ends with half a happy ending.

Listen to your gut feeling!

What can you learn from the story of user belli? Listen to your feelings and don't let yourself be rushed to anything!

I met my first great love on vacation, when I was 13 and he was 16. He spoke to me on the beach and arranged to meet me for the evening. I was so excited. We went to the beach in the evening and took an empty beach chair and sat in it. Then we talked about school, friends, music and all kinds of things. We watched the sunset together like in a nice love movie and then he put his hand on my cheek and kissed me.It wasn't my first real kiss, but the first time that I was really, really in love.I had an awful lot of butterflies in my stomach: just him, me, the sunset, the sound of the surf and a lovesong that was playing in a café nearby. We were arm in arm in a beach chair all evening. We kissed a lot and he put his hand under my shirt. Even though we had only known each other since that day and I was still quite young, it felt incredibly good and right. We spent the whole vacation together, went swimming, shopping, eating, talking and I had my first experiences in petting, which were also very nice.

Two evenings before the vacation ended, he cried in front of my eyes and held my hand and said that he was afraid that everything would break between us, since we would be separated by a four-hour drive in the future.He held me tight and I could hear his heartbeat.When we went for a walk that evening he sang to me:"Love me tender, love me sweet ..."from Elvis. On the last day or the day before last, he gave me a silver ring. He had bought the same one for himself and we both carried it on our left middle finger. "So that you never forget me ..."he said.

Even when we were at home, we spoke on the phone every day and met several times. At the first meeting after that, I was with him. It was very nice, but his touch became more demanding, he wanted more, which I also found very nice at the time. But otherwise something changed between us. At the other meetings he wanted to sleep with me. The next time he was with me, he brought condoms with him and asked me very often if I wanted to finally sleep with him.I said no, I don't feel ready yet and wanted to wait until I'm 14, which would have taken 4 months at the time.He was understanding, but was everything else. There was nothing I could do with him except petting and discussing why I don't want to.

The second time he was with me, we fell asleep side by side and I woke up from him trying to penetrate me while I was sleeping. Fortunately, I woke up in time and confronted him. He did not see his mistake, said that as a man it was his right to do that, after all we had been together for over two months. That same weekend we were invited to a party where he got drunk and hit on someone else.It had more than hurt me.But I looked for the fault in myself. When he went home on the train, he cried again because he didn't want to lose me. I had heartache for days afterwards. He continued to call me every day, but we didn't meet again until about two months later. Until then we only talked on the phone. He told me that he had no money for the train and I, out of love, sent him all my pocket money, despite what had happened.

The next time he was with me, he was really nice at first, showed how much he loved me and paid me a lot of attention. The same evening he took out the condoms again, I said no this time too. He kept trying to persuade me. Even while we were intimate, he tried to get me around.He also showed me a letter from his ex to make me jealous and to persuade me to have sex, but I kept saying no, which I am ultimately very proud of. When we said goodbye this time he didn't cry and didn't seem sad either; we'll see each other again, he said.

When we were together for over four months, he broke up with me on the phone. His reasoning was that I deserved better than him.The truth was, it was because I didn't want to sleep with him. I was lovesick for weeks after that, but that too passed. In the end, it was right not to sleep with him and listen to my feelings.

Love can move mountains!

The story of zuckerpueppchen is pretty awesome. It shows that real love can save, but also that the first friend is not always the first LOVE ...

I met my boyfriend about a year ago while going out. My friends already knew him. I didn't really know him, not even his name, and to be honest, I didn't care. At the time, he asked me if he should take me home in the car because he was bored. Because I wanted to save money for the taxi, I said yes. A few weeks later I saw him going out again and we talked a little longer. That happened more and more often and somehow we talked about more and more intimate things. Back then, my life consisted of excessive partying, binge drinking and wiping the coke off my boyfriend's nose.In short, I was nothing but a bunch of misery.

More and more often I got rid of my drug friend in order to be able to destroy myself undisturbed and so it was convenient for me to have whom to talk to. I haven't been able to talk to my "girlfriends" for a long time. Over time, I found myself feeling the need to go out to talk to HIM before going out. The more often there were conversations, the more I wanted contact. I ignored the fact that I was slowly falling in love because I still had a boyfriend. I only began to think of HIM when I was with my boyfriend at the time, his kisses disgusted me and it struck me more and more how deep I had actually fallen.The first meetings with HIM followed and the first moments in which I was just completely in love.

I broke up with my boyfriend. The days and weeks that followed with HIM can only be described with one word: happiness. I was on cloud nine. When my ex found out about my new love affair, he started threatening me and my boyfriend. I fled for three weeks on vacation and my boyfriend did the best that could have happened to me: he came with me. To this day, I see these three weeks as the most beautiful of my life. I've never felt so good, away from alcohol and problems. I never would have thought that the existence of a single person could make years of grief in me forget. I, who had never believed in love and locked myself in my house out of dissatisfaction and self-destruction, felt like the caterpillar turned into a butterfly. From one day to the next I didn't touch a sip of alcohol. I haven't drunk until today.

The months back home were tough, my ex wouldn't rest, and being back in town wore me out.But I still had him. We've been together for a year now, my longest relationship and the most intense.We've been through so much, he knows everything about me and I everything about him. Unfortunately, neither of us have an easy life and we don't cope with our problems very well. We try to support ourselves, but it's not easy when you can't even support yourself. We almost only argue, make up, and everything starts all over again. I don't want to lose him, but this constant arguing is so bothering me.

Exactly a year ago today we went to the cinema for the first time.I've reserved two tickets for the last performance, just like back then, same cinema, same hall, same row, same seats. Unfortunately we argued at lunchtime today and I broke up out of anger because he got aggressive again and yelled at me. I will still go to the cinema, alone. hoping he'll come too. If he doesn't, my "first love" story ends today ...

The second love is great love!

After a severe disappointment, xoxoKitten finds the right one. A real kinship ...

I happened to meet someone on the Internet who inexplicably fascinated me. The place of residence didn't mean anything to me, he wasn't an Adonis in the sense that I had never seen him in my life and yet I just had to write to him. I had never done that before and not since then.From then on, nice conversations developed between us and not a day went by when we did not write to each other. This went on for about half a year and even if you can never be sure on the Internet who is actually on the other end, I had the feeling that I was getting to know him better and better. And what I got to know I liked. But again I was plagued by self-doubt. Get to know your friend on the Internet? That's nonsense and it sure won't work, I told myself. Even if I undoubtedly liked the thought of it.

As if moved by thunder, I received a message from him one day that he had to write off his mind in the middle of the night. It started something like this:"I thought for a long time whether I should even tell you what I am writing now. But I can no longer rest. I can understand if you think I'm crazy and maybe even don't want to contact me anymore, but I want you to know. " After reading these lines I imagined the worst scenarios and was happily relieved as he continued reading when he confessed to me that he didn't know how this could happen either and that he had always thought it was impossible. but that he had developed feelings for me just by writing.

My stomach was teeming with butterflies, my head with question marks. And these were by no means less when I flew to Egypt for two weeks the next day. For the first time, I was even a little happy when the vacation - as beautiful as it was - was over. Because before my departure we had agreed that we wanted to meet soon. I knew I had to be completely stupid to meet a stranger from the Internet, but my head hadn't had a say in a long time. It was drowned out too much by my heart.

When we met and sat in the café, everything was as I had imagined. We never ran out of topics to talk about, the time flew by without our even realizing it, and we discovered more and more things in common. After about 6 hours in the café, which felt like 2 at best, we decided to walk around the city a little more.We stopped in front of the cathedral, I expected that he would say goodbye to me, but instead he kissed me. At the first meeting.It was incredibly fast, of course, but it felt right. Therefore we stood tightly embraced and kissed for a few hours and I had the feeling that I had arrived. We have been together since that day and it always proves to be the right thing to do today.

I still can't believe that among so many Internet users I have found just this man who suits me like the key to the lock. The amount of things we have in common is almost uncanny, we understand each other without words and every day together is something incredibly precious. In contrast to my previous relationship, the tingling is far from gone. Sometimes I still get breathless when I kiss.

He's the greatest person I know and even if he pissed me off, I can't be angry with him for long. Just for the fact that he can endure me for so long, has patience, is tolerant, carries me on his hands and still loves me, he deserves my love in return.But rather for the fact that he is just the way he is.

Love at second sight - or click

At first totally annoying and intrusive, but then love at second sight. Check the story of Cherry Cocktail!

At the beginning of the year my best friend met a boy on the internet. She wrote to him and the two wanted to meet. I was of course very jealous of my best friend. She asked me if I couldn't come with her because she wouldn't dare to go alone. I agreed, but only on the condition that your crush also take another boy with them. He suggested someone to me who I also wrote with on the internet for a while. But he wasn't the type I was into at the time. He had also boasted that he had so many girlfriends. But has repeatedly emphasized that he now wants a real relationship.Of course I didn't believe him and he just annoyed me every day and was quite pushy. It went so far that I blocked him everywhere and asked my friend's crush if he could take someone else with him. Whatever he did.

When the four of us went to the cinema together, everything was pretty boring. But I haven't given up hope.I thought the boy was nice and after the meeting I wrote to him for a while. I even arranged to meet him alone. But then I unlocked the other one again and he wrote to me again and asked if we would not even go out for a friendly pizza. I knew it wasn't going to work. But so that he can finally calm down, I said yes. But two boys at once was too much for me. I had arranged two meetings with two different guys in a week, so I had to choose one.My mind said the sensible one, but my heart always said that I should try the other, the annoying one. I never dared listen to my heart before, but in that situation I did.

I canceled the sensible one and met the other four again. When I saw him for real, it was like love at first sight. I thought he was pretty when he stood there and I immediately noticed his sweet smile. After a few meetings everything changed. I could no longer keep my promise not to do anything with him. After a while I fell completely in love with him.

And now we're still together.I had my very first experience with him.Even the first kiss. When I was in the hospital for a while, he visited me every day and made my difficult times easier. In fact, he took care of me more than my parents. He accepts me like no one else I've ever met. I can just let myself go with him. And I hope that this will continue for a long time.