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Top Freebies: These are the 10 most popular promotional items

Many companies use the classics among advertising materials - and not without reason, because the proven products are often among the top promotional gifts. These bestsellers not only sell well, but also have a high advertising impact with customers, employees and business partners - regardless of whether you use them at trade fairs, in day-to-day business or at other events. We introduce you to the ten best business gifts for your company.

1. Ballpoint pen as a classic among promotional gifts

Ballpoint pens are among the top promotional gifts, as they can be used equally in private and professional areas. Refine these company gifts with a laser engraving, for example with your logo or the advertising slogan, this creates a recognition value and the customers are reminded of your products and services again and again by using the ballpoint pen.

2. USB sticks as top giveaways for every occasion

USB sticks are popular customer gifts because they can be given away with a logo print on any occasion. They offer space for information about the company and are therefore also suitable as giveaways at the trade fair. The recipients can use the USB sticks individually and thus call your company back to their minds over and over again.

3. T-shirts as customer gifts with an advertising print

T-shirts and other textiles are considered top promotional gifts, as they are noticed by many people thanks to the print. This advertising medium has a long service life thanks to the high-quality printing process and ensures that your message is spread quickly. The same applies to umbrellas and caps, which you can have individually printed.

4. Power banks as one of the best corporate gifts with a logo print

Power banks are among the best promotional gifts because they are in great demand with customers. As mobile chargers, they ensure that various end devices such as smartphones, tablets and MP3 players can be supplied with power. If you have your company logo printed on the give-aways, you can achieve a high reach with such promotional items.

5. Mugs and mugs with slogan for your advertising

Drinking vessels such as mugs and cups with advertising are particularly popular with customers because they are suitable for various hot drinks in everyday life. You can opt for the classic ceramic mug with different patterns as well as the novelties, such as the Magic mug, which can change its colors.

6. Lighters as top freebies for your customers

Lighters have always been one of the top sellers among advertising products. They are not only a popular company gift with smokers, but also with candle lovers. These top promotional gifts are particularly popular with customers in the winter season, around Christmas, but also on Valentine's Day.

7. Keyring with company logo for advertising purposes

Key rings are considered to be the best promotional gifts for people and companies in the real estate industry. But even with founders, these company gifts can score with pressure, because they symbolize the new start and are also extremely popular with customers.

8. Calendar as one of the best corporate gifts in various designs

Calendars are available in a wide variety of designs, such as a 3-month calendar with an advertising print, a tear-off calendar for the wall or a practical desk calendar for the office. You can have these top promotional gifts individually printed so that customers' hearts beat faster.

9. Pouch bags as advertising media with company imprint

Pouch bags are popular at trade fairs, but can also be used in day-to-day business. The advantage of printed bags is that, thanks to the printing, they draw the attention of many people to your company and the products and services associated with it.

10. Notepads and sticky notes as top giveaways

Office supplies are among the most popular advertising media in Germany, which is why you shouldn't ignore notepads and sticky notes in addition to pens. These articles are considered top promotional gifts and are cleverly imprinted on the memory of your prospective customers.

Conclusion: According to a study, the best promotional gifts are those with a high level of usefulness

If you're not sure which giveaway is right for you, you can use the 2013 study by the ASI Advertising Specialty Institute as a guide. For eight out of ten participants, the decisive factor was how useful the giveaway was. So if you rely on promotional items with a function, you can be sure that they will be used by your customers, employees and business partners in everyday life. Ultimately, this ensures that your reach increases and sales are boosted in the long term. Take a look at our top promotional gifts and find the best promotional material for your company.