Are dreams possibly another dimension?

The dimension of dreams

The dimension of dreams

While a mortal sleeps, his monadic soul leaves the body to manifest in the dimension of dreams. This trauma avatar is also known as the dream body and can take different forms depending on the subconscious of the dreamer. The minds of countless dreamers touch the ethereal plane and create semi-physical half-planes on which the trauma avatars experience fantastic adventures inspired by their own subconscious. A dreamer can change his surroundings and those with the talent controlling dreams * have a higher degree of control. Spells cast in a dream and magical items used there are not consumed in the real world. Wounds and conditions have no effect on the body and mind of the creature in reality. On the other hand, fantastic dream adventures do not provide any treasures or experience in reality, but knowledge gained in the dimension of dreams can sometimes also be useful in the real world. Even the worst nightmares are not a danger for a dreamer - should the trauma avatar die, the dreamer may wake up shaky and disoriented for a short time, but this is usually the worst that can happen to him. A creature with the talent to control dreams * wakes up after such an experience with the state of exhaustion, as its mind is much more involved in the perception of the dream level.

Dream level experiences are usually private affairs. Some rare spells (e.g. Council of Dreamers), magical items, and other abilities allow creatures to temporarily enter and share another creature's dream half-plane. While these secondary dreamers can interact with the highly changeable properties of the plane, the primary dreamer, and each other, the existence of the half-plane still depends on the primary dreamer - when the latter awakens, the half-plane ends, and the secondary dreamers become their own Dream levels shifted unless they awaken.

A trauma avatar isn't the only way to enter a dream. But whoever enters the dimension of dreams with his real body faces considerable dangers. Regular methods of plane travel such as Change of level do not open up a path into the dimension of dreams, for this purpose specialized means such asdream trip* be used. When a creature physically enters a dream plane, it does not have to take a roll to determine its initial state, but it cannot perform impossible deeds (see below) either. Spells cast, magical items used and other restricted abilities are expended as if they were used in reality or on another plane. Creatures in material form can use objects created in a dream plane, but not take them with them, likewise these things disappear with the awakening of the primary dreamer. Wounds and experiences that a dream traveler makes who actually penetrates the dimension of dreams are real and do not fade when leaving the dream level; if such a traveler dies in a dream, he really dies. If such material creatures are still in a dream plane when the primary dreamer awakens, they are shifted to a neighboring dream plane or regions of the etheric plane, which border on the dimension of dreams.

Although the dormant soul of every dreamer creates a personal dream level which manifests itself on the ethereal level, all dreams collectively belong to the larger network of the dimension of dreams. When several dream planes form a cluster in the ethereal mist, the transition between them is easier so that moods, feelings, and even creatures from one dream can more easily overflow into another. And where a dream level touches the barely understood dimension of time, prophetic elements can flow into dreams.

Sometimes figments of the dream world manage to escape from the dimension of dreams. Most often this happens during the awakening of a particularly fanciful dreamer, when the reality of the dream is at its weakest when it fades. These strange, changing creatures stalk the Aetheric Plane as Animated Dreams, feeding on the minds of mortals as they seek new dreams in which to find refuge and torment a new sleeper.

The dimension of dreams is infested by a vicious group of so-called "nightmare creatures" who travel from dream level to dream level in order to hunt down, torment and destroy victims. These horrors even have their own hierarchy, in which the nightmare lords rule over lesser nightmare creatures in puppet court states, which are formed by the de-soulled shells of enslaved and insane dreamers. These creatures even have ways of manifesting themselves on the material plane, since it is not enough for them to just terrorize the sleepers.

Night robbers are one of the most appalling dangers of the dream dimension, as they can travel unhindered between dreams and look for chaotic or bad dreamers on whose back they will travel until morning. Creatures they encounter between dreams or in the dreams of their prey are simply put down, no matter what their sentiments. Night vets collect the souls of their slain opponents in gems, which they sell to customers on the plains.

Although most dream levels are insubstantial and fade with the awakening of the dreamer, there are particularly powerful dream levels that sometimes exist forever, strengthened by recurring dreams or the common subconscious of several dreamers. One of the most distinct and enduring areas of the dimension of dreams is the bizarre realm of Leng, where almost human inhabitants travel ethereal seas in black ships and transport slaves for the dark markets of the multiverse.

The dimension of dreams has the following properties:

  • Flowing time: Trauma avatars such as creatures that visit the dimension of dreams with their real bodies are subject to the passage of time in the respective dream level.
  • Extremely changeable: When a creature enters a dream level as a trauma avatar, it must make a DC 15 charisma check to prevent it from suffering a disadvantage when entering the dream dimension, e.g. in the form of missing essential equipment or from appearing in the middle of an avalanche. If successful, the dreamer manifests with perfect health and all regular equipment (spells and magical items used by the trauma avatar are not consumed in reality). The trauma avatar is also capable of fantastic or even impossible deeds under the most adverse circumstances. This is often possible for him during a dream in the amount of his CH bonus (minimum 1); an impossible action is carried out as a standard action, it can be the casting of a spell, the achievement of a magic effect or the summoning of a magical object. The trauma avatar makes a charisma throw against DC 10 + degree of the magic effect or ½ the magic level of the object (non-magical objects have CL 0). The GM can also allow other fantastic actions and set the SG for them. Creatures that enter a dream with their real bodies do not have to cast a charisma at the beginning, but they cannot perform fantastic deeds either - otherwise they have to face the strange reality of the dream level.
  • Wild Magic: Trauma avatars and creatures that visit the dimension of dreams with their real bodies are subject to the wild magic of the dream plane.