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Buy Youtube clicks? My experiences and reputable providers

Buy YouTube clicks - who hasn't dreamed of getting 1,000 new YouTube subscribers at one stroke? Or just start with 5000 clicks on your YouTube video? For pretty little money you can now buy YouTube clicks, subscribers and likes in many corners of the Internet. But does it really work? What do I have to consider when buying YouTube clicks? You will find out in this article.

Update September 2020: Unfortunately, the Federal Association of the Music Industry (BVMI) has banned 5 service providers from buying YouTube clicks - more information. This also includes - My recommendation when it comes to buying Youtube Views. I am currently testing alternatives and will contact you as soon as I have found a good provider.

Buying Youtube clicks is widespread. With different providers you can easily Buy YouTube clicks, likes and subscriptions. But is that recommended? It depends on your expectations. And of course also from the selected provider. If you choose the wrong service provider, the deletion of your entire YouTube channel is not unlikely. There are definitely too Risks when buying YouTube clicks. Nevertheless, buying YouTube clicks also offers advantages - unlike in many blog articles on the topic.

Buy YouTube clicks: My experiences

After seeing this documentary 📺 I searched the internet for a similar service. And lo and behold: You can buy YouTube clicks on every corner. After researching whether that would bring something or not, I decided to buy a few likes, views and subscribers on a test channel. I was curious and also questioned the whole YouTube concept. Because let's be honest: clicks are actually an indicator of the quality of the videos ?! At least I thought so.

The (apparent) advantages of purchased YouTube clicks

The providers advertise with many great advantages that the click purchase offers:

∙ Appear more recognized & popular
∙ Strengthen your credibility
∙ Improve your brand image
∙ Build confidence in new visitors
∙ Increase your turnover & sales figures
∙ Look as popular as your competitors (they buy clicks too!)
∙ Trigger a domino effect that will lead to even more clicks in the future
∙ 100% secure, protected & confidential
∙ Do you feel lonely?
∙ Without clicks you appear lonely, desperate & unprofessional

... Buy YouTube Clicks Today & Act immediately like a real PRO!

If you now think that the views you bought on Youtube would really watch your video and possibly (in the case of product videos) also buy your products, you are wrong. Regardless of whether the YouTube clicks are carried out by bots or by real users - there is really no interest in the content. So you will not get more products or subscribers or likes just if you buy YouTube clicks.

In general, you can forget all the advantages that the providers advertise with. I also found most of the providers dubious. But more on that below. You should only save the purchased YouTube clicks as Enhance the numbers of your video for real users consider. The clicks bought (subscribers and likes) don't really care about your video.

The only advantages of buying YouTube clicks are:

Higher trust through more clicks (and definitely percentage likes)

Man is a herd animal. You probably know that from yourself. A video with 2 million clicks is more likely to be clicked than a video with 50 clicks. What is recognized and popular cannot be bad or wrong. So your viewers do not see a video with 50 views and are therefore critically adjusted but (apparently) watch a video that 5000 people have already seen before. The pretends popularity and relevance.

Better search results

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. Those who rank well here will get attention. The search algorithm is constantly being refined. Keywords no longer play a major role in YouTube searches. The so-called Watchtime is crucial. How long has the user watched the respective video. The longer the user has watched the video, the more relevant it has to be. So who? Youtube has bought clicks and also gets a lot of watch time (not of course with every provider) ranks better in the search engine. This can help to drive top dogs off the top spot faster. But be careful: your video must of course also good content otherwise it was quickly back to first place.

The risks of buying YouTube clicks

Before you go now and yourself Buy YouTube clicks, you should stop for a moment and think about the risks. These are not insignificant. Providers like to downplay the risks. The fact is: Buying YouTube clicks is prohibited. You manipulate the algorithm with it - YouTube can however only take action against it with difficulty, if at all. That's why it's still very popular. In addition, YouTube cannot delete a channel that buys YouTube clicks - because YouTube does not know whether the competition may have bought the clicks to damage the channel.

If you already have an established channel and have a lot to lose, I advise against clicking buy. However, if you are new to the Youtube business and you have nothing to lose because you only have 100 clicks - try your luck! But you should keep in mind that the Delete your channel is possible. Maybe not likely. But possible.

It is also important that you buy German YouTube clicks. At least if you have a German-language video. For the YouTube algorithm, it looks strange when a German tutorial gets 10,000 clicks from China all at once. That looks a lot like fake.

You should also make sure that you don't just buy clicks. The most important factor is watch time. Many clicks and little watch time indicate to the YouTube algorithm that your video is not relevant. That leads to bad rankings. Therefore you should look for a reputable provider. However, I can recommend a provider that also had a reasonable watch time in the test. Since the average watch time with this provider is 2:40 minutes, your video should not be longer than 3 minutes. Then you have an excellent watch time, as the viewers watch the video almost to the end. With a longer video, the effect fizzles out as the video length increases.

Can you buy YouTube clicks?

The purchase of Youtube clicks is officially not allowed and violates the guidelines of Youtube. However, the click purchase is commonplace today. When buying YouTube clicks, you should choose a reputable provider so that your click purchase does not attract attention.

What do YouTube clicks cost?

International clicks are available from € 5 for 10,000 clicks. Qualitative, German clicks, on the other hand, are a bit more expensive at € 10 for 1,000 clicks. The provider comparison is worthwhile!

What do I have to look out for when buying YouTube clicks?

You should only buy YouTube clicks from a reputable provider. The cheapest offer is not the best. Make sure you only buy German YouTube clicks. In addition, you should not only buy clicks but also watch time. You can find a reputable provider in this article.

How are YouTube clicks counted?

How Youtube counts the clicks is a well-kept secret. Experts speculate that the click only counts as a view after a watch time of 3 to 9 seconds. There is also an 8 hour IP lock. This means that the same user will only be counted as a new click after 8 hours.



Buy YouTube clicks: the test

It is very noticeable that many of these YouTube clicks buy providers appear very dubious and the websites seem to be translated by Google Translate. In general, there are different packages and pricing models.

What I can definitely advise against is Buy Youtube clicks at Fiverr. These are only bot clicks (if at all). In addition, the clicks usually do not come from Germany. Fiverr's clicks are cheap - but bring even less.

My experiences with

After a long research, I came across the provider This offers German Youtube clicks to buy. Even if the website doesn't look serious, this provider is at least already on Digistore. Here you can buy worldwide clicks - but also especially German YouTube clicks. In addition to Instagram, Facebook, generic traffic and Spotify, you can buy the following from socialnow:

  • Buy Youtube subscribers
  • Buy Youtube clicks (worldwide)
  • Buy Youtube clicks (German)
  • Buy Youtube Likes

I have 5000 clicks, 100 likes and 250 subscribers bought. I paid a total of € 72 gross for this. By the way, you shouldn't just buy clicks, because otherwise the whole fakery will be quickly exposed. A video with 5000 clicks and 5 likes doesn't seem organic to your visitors.

Payment is made via Digistore. At the checkout I am informed that the clicks will come in approx. 2-3 working days. In reality it was later and I also needed an email (after 5 days with no results) to the operator. Then came the clicks.

It would have been ideal if the clicks had been spread over several days. This was not entirely the case. The YouTube clicks were spread over three days. The distributions can be seen in this screenshot:

In itself, it all worked out fine. The watch time was also very good, at least in the first test. All users watched the video until the end. Of course, this doesn't create any real subscribers. The video and also the YouTube channel with its additional (fake) subscribers doesn't look so naked anymore.

Socialnow is currently deactivated. I am now testing QQTube with good results.


My experiences with

Likergeiz offers extremely cheap YouTube clicks. I bought the Youtube Premium Package for € 17.90 there as a test. For this you get 2500 views and 250 likes. The distribution of views and likes is quite inorganic (hardly any video on Youtube has 10% likes). But I wanted to know what the watch time is like at Likergeiz. The views were delivered quickly within 2 days. The likes slowly increased to the promised number within 2 weeks. But Likergeiz's watch time was really not good at all. The watch time was no longer than 10-15 seconds. The effect fizzled out because YouTube classified the video as irrelevant. So remember: if you buy cheap, you buy twice!

In addition, some views were deleted again (liking fills up here after an email).


My experience with

Update January 2021: Followersnet has now switched this page offline for 2 weeks by a lousy trick. Therefore I cannot give a recommendation for followersnet. Followersnet tries to hinder free competition with dirty tricks. This experience with followersnet only strengthened my experience below. I think that Followersnet is not a serious provider.

Another provider for buying YouTube clicks is Here you can buy German YouTube clicks. 5000 YouTube clicks for € 21.00 sounds like a good offer. So quickly buy the associated YouTube likes and go to the checkout.

Followersnet seems to be a very cheap provider. After a few days, the likes and clicks on my test video were delivered:

It was noticeable negatively that the likes were delivered first and the YouTube clicks only days later. So my video had 50 clicks and 250 likes. Looks damn stupid. Unfortunately, the watch time of the purchased YouTube clicks on followersnet was limited.

With a 5-minute video, I got a watch time of only 1:19 minutes. Unfortunately, that's not enough to improve my YouTube rankings with the clicks I bought. So I would use QQTube here. I definitely cannot recommend followersnet. See also the red box above! I don't think followersnet is a serious provider.


Buy Youtube clicks Conclusion

Buying German YouTube clicks can give you an initial boost for your channel. The watch time is also correct in the test at However, you should only rely on reputable German clicks when choosing your click provider. However, if you already have a channel that is halfway successful, then with the click purchase you also risk deleting your channel or at least being punished by YouTube.

Now that Socialnow is down, I can only recommend QQTube. However, there are no German YouTube clicks to buy here. Get 1000 free YouTube clicks here right now.

In this respect, buying YouTube clicks is an interesting gimmick, but only recommended for completely new YouTube channels. And at some point YouTube will also find out about this trick.

The best thing to do is to post really good content. Your subscribers and clicks will then come on their own. It may take a little longer, but it is more sustainable. Everyone else can find out more about the topic at