How effective is the derma roll

Dermaroller test 2021: do they really make the skin more beautiful?

The latest beauty hype from Hollywood is called Dermaroller. This refers to devices that are visually reminiscent of mini paint rollers, but are equipped with fine needles. And they are rolled over the face or other parts of the body. The saying 'whoever wants to be beautiful has to suffer' takes on a whole new meaning.

The procedure, which many cosmetic studios also offer, is also called microneedling and is intended to ensure a more beautiful complexion. The reason for this is the micro-injuries and the subsequent inflammatory reactions caused by the needles in the upper layer of the skin.

These inflammatory reactions are said to promote the skin's own self-healing powers and the Promote collagen productionwhich in turn should ensure a rejuvenated complexion. Microneedling should also be able to combat cellulite and the pores and pimple marks should also be reduced through the peeling effect of the needles.

But does the procedure with the dermaroller really hurt? And what does microneedling actually do?

We got to the bottom of the matter in our 2021 dermaroller test. We'll show you the most popular devices for your home from low budget to luxury and our very personal favorites.

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Dermaroller test 2021: low-priced price segment

DRS dermaroller
Price: 10.90 euros

Even if the dermarollers from the glamor world of Hollywood stars spilled over to us: there are now also inexpensive dermarollers for home use, for example at dm or Amazon. We have the Dermaroller from DRS tested, which is best rated on Amazon in the low price segment.

The DRS dermaroller can be ordered with different needle lengths. Because we are Dermaroller beginners, we decided on the model with a 0.3 mm needle length. The needle length between 0.3 and 0.75 mm is recommended to reduce expression lines.

The dermaroller is easy to hold. A prick can be felt when rolling over the skin and the dermaroller squeaks a little. After use, the skin is reddened and feels a bit sensitive. After repeated use, the pores on the cheeks appear a little smaller. We could not find any reduction in wrinkles.

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At only 12.50 euros, the DRS Dermaroller is the cheapest in our Dermaroller test 2021. And the low price is also noticeable in direct comparison with the more expensive products. In contrast to the Dermaroller from the middle and expensive price segment, the DRS does not use individual stainless steel needles but small metal plates. The squeaking was also irritating.

Nevertheless, the skin looks rosier and a little more even after use. Given the low price, it can be worth a try.

Dermaroller test 2021: medium price segment

Walberg beauty roller
Price: 49.90 euros

In the middle price segment we have the dermaroller "Beautyroller" by Walberg tested. The dermaroller is made of surgical steel and looks very high quality. The individual 0.2 mm short needles look very fine at first glance.

It is very easy to use, the dermaroller rolls evenly over the skin and does not hurt. There is only a slight prick to be felt. However, you should be careful not to press too hard, otherwise it can hurt. After the whole face has been worked on, the skin looks a bit red, but also very fresh. Small wrinkles appear to be alleviated.

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We used the Walberg dermaroller twice a week in the evenings for several weeks as instructed. The application made our skin look fresher and less pale. The microneedling also made the pores look smaller. So the dermaroller seems to have done a great job. We will definitely continue to use it.

The Walberg beauty roller is also okay in terms of price-performance ratio. It costs around 50 euros, but if you compare that with the 150 to 300 euros you would have to pay for microneedling in a cosmetic studio, the money is definitely well invested.

Dermaroller test 2021: luxury segment

Dermaroller Homecare HC902
Price: from 56 euros

Microneedling causes the smallest injuries to the skin. So it's no wonder that many users want to use a higher quality device. Such is the one Original dermaroller HC902 with 9 fine rows of needles and a needle length of 0.2 mm.

The dermaroller has a very high quality and glides evenly over the skin. It lies comfortably in the hand and makes a valuable impression. The HC902 Dermaroller is gentle and painless to use. You only feel a very slight prick. After use on the face, the skin looks rosy and fresh and is perfectly prepared for the subsequent care because it can absorb the ingredients particularly well.

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Top: Dermaroller has a special care line with hyaluronic acid. This supplies the skin with moisture and plumps up wrinkles. We particularly liked the hyaluronic acid ampoules, which we applied with the dermaroller about 20 minutes after the treatment and patted into the skin. This makes our face look as rosy as after a professional facial.

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We used the dermaroller twice a week and it made the skin look fresher and softer overall. At around 60 euros, the HC902 Dermaroller is slightly higher in price than the comparable products. Nevertheless, we were very satisfied with the product in the test.

Proper care after use

After a microneedling treatment, the skin is particularly well prepared for appropriate care, because the active ingredients can now be better absorbed and penetrate the skin. We recommend concentrated products such as hyaluronic acid serum, retinol serum or vitamin C serum, which fight wrinkles and ensure a rejuvenated complexion.

Important: The products you choose should be as free from fragrances or other aggressive substances as possible. As mild, natural products as possible are better for your irritated skin.

At Amazon there are top-rated products as a supplement to microneedling:
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> Vitamin C serum from Yael Beauté *
> Retinol serum from bioniva *

Important: Don't forget to disinfect

No matter which dermaroller you choose, it is important that you clean and disinfect it before each use. If the dermaroller is not aseptic, it can quickly lead to inflammation. Eventually, the fine needles leave injuries in the skin layer. It is best to use special disinfectants for medical devices to disinfect your dermaroller.

> There is a disinfection set for microneedling products on Amazon. *

You should also clean your face thoroughly before using the dermaroller. A mild cleansing lotion or facial toner is suitable for this.

Reading tip:Hyaluronic serum test: they keep your skin young!

Conclusion: are dermarollers really THE beauty tip?

After testing several dermarollers, we can say: dermarollers can improve the complexion of the skin. Of course, like almost all beauty tools, they don't work miracles. If you have deep wrinkles or severe acne scars, microneedling at home won't make them go away completely.

However, through the application and subsequent care, the skin appears overall firmer and the complexion appears refined. This is due to the fact that the dermaroller removes the dead skin cells and to a large extent also to the care that is then applied to the skin. Because the Dermaroller allows the valuable ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Since the face is reddened after microneedling and the skin is sensitive, it is best to use the dermaroller in the evening. This also prevents the damaged skin from being additionally irritated by UV radiation.

Tip: If you have very sensitive skin, you should make sure to use a dermaroller with short needles (0.2 mm). Longer needles can put too much strain on the skin and lead to inflammation.

In our test, the high-quality dermarollers convinced us more overall. All in all, we would recommend it to anyone who wants a more even complexion and reduced wrinkles.

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