Credit card purchases are displayed immediately

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"If the identity card were checked every time we went shopping or the secret number, the PIN, was asked, we could push the number of card misuses to almost zero," promises Heike Pataniak from the Berlin fraud department. But the retailers are still shy: the credit card is actually supposed to make consumption easier. Annoying security precautions could be a deterrent. In addition, the banks collect a fee from the shops for each PIN request.

The police also urge all cardholders to be more careful when making cashless payments. Many cards get lost in the mail. It is therefore safer to collect the card personally at your branch. In addition, the overdraft facility should be kept as small as possible to prevent damage. The police also recommend checking statements from credit card purchases immediately and comparing them later with the monthly statement. You should have false receipts handed over and tear up receipts before throwing them away.

Banks repeatedly point out that EC and credit cards must be kept separately from the PIN. The ID card should also be kept elsewhere. As a rule of thumb: only give the card to pay for it. In a restaurant, for example, the guest can insist on being present when the credit card is settled. When shopping online, it is important that the connection is made using secure 128-bit SSL encryption. In the event of theft or loss, the owner should have the card blocked immediately and report it.

The new police information system "Kuno" could save the fight against card misuse: If a card theft is reported, the card can be reliably blocked nationwide within just one hour. The transfer of data often takes days. In a test in Dresden, “Kuno” was able to reduce check card fraud by 400 percent in one year. In this way, the stolen Visa card could become what it actually is for the thief within a few minutes: a worthless piece of plastic

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