Have gluten buns

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Today I'm going to show you a quick recipe for easypeasy pizza rolls, which are of course gluten-free and also vegan!

There are such “fast food” dishes to which you have a special connection. I'm telling you today what connection I have with pizza rolls! In the course of this, I will also tell you the recipe for my quick easypeasy pizza rolls, which are of course gluten-free and also vegan. So, let's go!

Crisp free and the pizza rolls

I'm going to write a super old story here today! To do this, we jump back to when I was in 5th or 6th grade. There was a cafeteria at our school where we could get something for lunch with Märkchen (which the parents had to buy beforehand). As far as I can remember, the food on offer was not exactly nutritious or healthy. Oh, a little note on the side: At that time I didn't have any allergies or intolerances.

Many of my classmates used the cafeteria on a regular basis. For my part, I very rarely had fairy tales, because my parents didn't necessarily think the food was healthy (which they were right about, only I didn't care at the time 😀). In addition to the well-known “Corny” bars, there were also garlic baguettes and the “Bistro” pizza baguettes by Dr. Oetker. A lot of kids were always keen on these baguettes, the queue was correspondingly long and the offer was emptied accordingly quickly.

There was always this kind of fast food at home, but whenever I had a choice, I always went for something different. I only wanted to eat these pizza baguettes at school and I almost never got them there. You were strange, Fabienne 😀

Over the years, the cafeteria lost its appeal for me. I think I can count the times I've eaten there on one hand. At some point I rarely ate both the pizza baguettes and the other unhealthy stuff.

Today I would like to eat such pizza baguettes every now and then, because sometimes such fast food is just good, we don't need to discuss it. Tzja, Fabienne, in the past you should have had more access than you had the choice, because today you have to do the stuff yourself thanks to incompatibilities.

No, joking aside, I like to make these pizza baguettes myself. So I can choose the topping myself, adapt the dish to my intolerances and still have a kind of fast food dish when I feel like it 🙂

Schär has something "new"

Today's recipe is in friendly collaboration with the team at Schär originated, more precisely with the "New" gluten-free ciabatta rolls from Schär. Schär is currently working on one recipe revision after another! Because the ciabatta rolls from Schär are by no means new, but have been given a revised and improved recipe.

You may remember that I told you about another product update from Schär just last month. Back then, the focus was on the “new” gluten-free rusks and I have one with them gluten-free and vegan no bake layer cake serving.

What do I like so much about the ciabatta rolls? The fluffy soft inner part of the roll in combination with the crispy, crispy outside of the ciabatta roll. The roll is baked in no time and can still be enjoyed a few hours after baking (is also ideal for taking away sandwiches). A plus point for me, the little grain freak: The ciabatta rolls are also available in the rustic version, which incidentally will receive a revised recipe during the course of the year!

The ciabatta rolls serve as a wonderful basis for our pizza rolls. Because they are the perfect size, they are nice and crispy on the outside and can be used very variably. However, if you want to try the “original pizza baguette” more, you can grab the gluten-free baguette, the gluten-free panini rolls or the gluten-free mini baguettes from Schär and use them to prepare the pizza baguettes 🙂

The gluten-free ciabatta rolls from Schär are also lactose-free, wheat-free, with no added milk, no added eggs, no palm oil and no preservatives.

Notes on recipe variations (allergy-friendly):

  • vegan dairy products: Since I wanted to keep the topping vegan, I used vegan grated cheese, vegan cream cheese and vegan milk. If you tolerate it, you can of course also use classic or lactose-free counterparts.
  • Covering: You can choose the topping completely optionally! I chose cocktail tomatoes, mushrooms and corn.

For me, this dish is a quick and allergy-friendly “fast food” for those days when you don't want to worry about cooking and don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

I hope you enjoy trying it out!

Your Fabienne

gluten-free and vegan pizza rolls


  • 1 pack of gluten-free ciabatta rolls for me: Schär
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 8 Cocktail tomatoes
  • 4champignons
  • 4EL corn
  • 200g (vegan) grated cheese
  • 150g (vegan) cream cheese
  • 40-50ml (vegan) milk
  • 2EL oregano


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees top and bottom heat.

  2. Echo the ciabatta rolls.

  3. Peel the garlic clove, mash it lightly and rub it over the bun halves.

  4. Mix together the grated cheese, me, cream cheese and oregano. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

  5. Spread the mixture on each of the rolls.

  6. Spread the cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and corn on top.

  7. Bake the rolls for about 10-15 minutes, depending on the desired consistency.