What is an encryption password

What should a secure password look like?

Anyone who protects their computer, individual data or personal logins on the Internet with a password should on simple terms or names - like that of the dog - dispense. So-called are safer Passphrases. That means, you think up a sentence, a proverb or a quote and use the first few letters as a password.

Example: "The ax in the house replaces the carpenter". The password DAiHedZ results from the first letters (note upper and lower case!).

The password should not be less than eight characters long - ten or twelve characters are better. The number of characters can be increased by a few Punctuation marks increase like this: DA.iHedZ?. And then some Letters replaced by numbers, for example the H through the one, the d through a zero or the Z through a three, already has a fairly secure password: DA.i1e03?- if he can remember it.

In addition, the password should be changed at appropriate intervals and in any case kept secret.

Tips and information about password security:

How do I manage my passwords?

Those who cannot or do not always want to remember all access data can Password management programs such as using KeePass. These can help with secure administration and also with the creation of new, strong passwords. Password managers can be paid for. They are not infallible and can temporarily contain security holes. If you want to use password management programs, you should install updates for them immediately.