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Travel for vegans: the best hotels, cities and countries

Quickly decide to go away for a few days, travel without great organization: What is completely normal for most, was a difficult undertaking for people who live vegan until recently. Because neither the hotel world nor tour operators nor the infrastructure in many beautiful destinations were prepared for vegans. The Germans, who are valued at more than a million by the Vegetarian Association and who eat free of animal products, often only had the option of self-catering at the campsite, in holiday apartments or via Airbnb.

Down comforters, hotel shampoo and leather couch are not allowed

But times have changed: meanwhile, consciously avoiding animal products is more popular than ever before. And the holiday world has reacted to the new trend, after all, the target group is growing worldwide. What does it actually mean to be vegan? Living vegan doesn't just mean avoiding food like meat and fish, but also milk, cheese, eggs and honey. Vegan lifestyle, also known as veganism, is a holistic approach in which all substances of animal origin are avoided.

That means: In the hotel there should be neither a leather couch, nor the duvet made of down feathers, curtains made of silk or the placemats made of wool. Even the shampoos in the bathroom must meet one criterion: They must not be tested on animals. We present the most vegan-friendly travel destinations and give you a few tips so that your dream vacation without animal products is really good.

The best countries for vegans

  • Israel: This is where vegan travelers should do the easiest. Because Israel is considered to be the country where most of the vegans in the world live. More than five percent of the population do without any animal products. Therefore, not only are vegan dishes on the menu in every restaurant, but there is also a great understanding of this way of life.
  • Asia: In many countries in South, Southeast and East Asia, a vegetarian and often vegan diet is normal. India is considered the paradise for vegetarians, whereby vegans must pay attention to the use of ghee and milk in the preparation of food. There are many vegan hotels, yoga retreats and restaurants on the Indonesian island of Bali. Thailand and Taiwan are also considered to be progressive countries in terms of the spread of animal-free products.
  • United States: According to the Vegetarian Association, paradoxically, the motherland of burgers and fast food is very well positioned for vegans.
  • Great Britain: The British occupy a leading position in Europe, as they have a particularly large number of veggie-friendly offers.
  • Germany: Traveling around in harmony with one's own way of life is rewarded in this country. Because the German offer is very diverse in a global comparison.

The best big cities for vegans

  • Tel Aviv: The best city for vegans is also in the most vegan-friendly country in the world. According to the US website "Daily Meal", Israel's second largest metropolis can boast the title of the world's most vegan-friendly city. More than ten percent of Tel Aviv restaurants, and according to the “Daily Meal” that is around 150 restaurants, have devoted themselves entirely to animal-free cuisine.
  • Berlin: Germany's hip capital is in second place in the ranking. For years, Berlin has played a pioneering role in the republic, ahead of Hamburg and Munich - with more than 50 pure vegan restaurants.
  • Chennai: Another Mecca for vegans is on the southeast coast of India. The capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, formerly also known as Madras, has a huge number of restaurants that only serve animal-free food.
  • new York: Land of unlimited possibilities - this also applies to the needs of vegans in the USA. In the trendy cities of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles in particular, the range is huge and exotic. Because almost every hip establishment has vegans on offer - even sushi restaurants, fast food chains like Taco Bell and food trucks. After all, the vegan lifestyle is fueled by many Hollywood stars such as Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman.
  • London: Since the UK is one of the best countries for vegans, it is not surprising that London is a hotspot. The wide range also has something to do with the multi-cultural mix of residents and the fact that the pulsating city is often a bit ahead of others.
  • Warsaw: Eastern Europe is considered a meat-heavy region, but Poland's capital has been developing into a vegan paradise for several years - with a booming restaurant scene.
  • Toronto: Vegans have an easy job in Canada's largest city. In August, the 2.6 million metropolis of the province of Ontario even celebrates its own festival for vegan food and drink.
  • Chiang Mai: The city in northern Thailand, which is popular with many backpackers, not only attracts with trekking tours and temples, but also with a modern vegan cuisine that meets the zeitgeist of many travelers.
  • Singapore: Light food, that makes perfect sense in Southeast Asia's smallest country in terms of area because of its hot and humid tropical climate. And you can buy it on every corner - the trend is clearly eco, organic and vegan.

The best websites for vegans:

  • happycow.net: English-language website with a good search function that lists vegan accommodations, restaurants and shops worldwide from Australia to the USA, Spain and all the way to Germany. There are also recipes and interesting facts.
  • veggie-hotels.de: The German answer to the happy cow, which offers more than 500 hotels in 60 countries with an interactive world map. Most of the accommodations are in Germany and Great Britain.
  • vegan-welcome.com: A project by “Veggie Hotels” for the luxury sector. The website is dedicated to trendy city hotels up to 5-star luxury resorts, romantic country hotels and noble Indian Ayurveda spa centers.

The best tour operators for vegans:

  • adventurev.com: This is the name of the world's first provider for sporty vegans who want to take an active holiday and a sports holiday.
  • veganhotels.com: The luxury tour operator puts together individual vegan trips for every budget.
  • vegane-reisen.com: Specializing in vegan trips in Africa, the operator offers the countries South Africa, Morocco and Namibia.
  • vegane-flusskreuzfahrten.de: This provider is also swimming on the vegan wave, offering voyages of discovery for vegans on Europe's most beautiful rivers in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland.

5 extraordinary destinations for vegans:

  • The first purely vegetarian mountain hut in the Alps: Two years ago Silvia Beyer from Allgäu opened the Hündeleskopfhütte between Nesselwang and Pfronten at an altitude of 1180 meters. The 51-year-old housekeeper comes from a farm and has been a committed vegetarian since she was a teenager. So it was clear that their alpine hut only served healthy vegetable dishes, coffee with oat or soy milk and gluten-free bread.
  • Hotel Kamalaya on Koh Samui: All the superlatives of a healthy and holistic dream vacation have come together in the 5-star wellness and healing resort in the south of the Thai island of Koh Samui. In 2017, the “Kamalaya” was named “Worldwide Health & Wellness Destination of the Year”. The guests in the 25 villas, 26 suites and 24 rooms are spoiled not only with the finest vegan and detox food from award-winning cuisine, but also with yoga, fitness, rejuvenation cures and medically sound wellness treatments from Eastern and Western healing arts.
  • Hotel Almodovar in Berlin: It was the first vegetarian organic hotel in the capital and has made a name for itself with its strictly sustainable philosophy and individual, organic design. In the middle of the trendy Friedrichshain district, the 60-room hotel also serves dishes for vegans from the organic kitchen, which are described as delicate and sensual and exciting. The motto of the 4-star hotel is: 100 percent vegetarian, 100 percent style, 100 percent Berlin.
  • Bon Lloc restaurant in Mallorca: The Germans' favorite island has a vegan restaurant that has cult status. The restaurant in the capital Palma has been serving vegetarian and vegan cuisine since the late 1970s. Already at lunchtime you can enjoy Bimi broccoli with pumpkin puree and a consommé made from lemon and shitake mushrooms. In the evening, the veggie scene meets over white asparagus with almond cream and a broth made from rocket.
  • Adam and Eve Pub in Bristol: English pub culture and vegan, do they go together? And how! In Great Britain's first veggie-friendly pub, only vegan and vegetarian drinks and dishes are served.

One last tip for vegans:

  • Peta Vegan Passport: Germany's largest animal rights organization has issued a kind of passport for vegans, the Peta Vegan Passport, to overcome language barriers in foreign countries. Cost: 5 euros. What vegans eat and what not is explained in 79 languages. The “Eat Away” app has similar functions, with which a personalized profile of diet and allergies can be created and translated into seven languages.