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TransMix The mobile screed factory the original


1 TransMix The mobile screed factory the original

2 TransMix = transport, mix, and pump screed fully automatically A closed system open to your success strategy In the construction industry, especially in the screed area, versatility and flexibility are required. In addition to earth-moist cement screeds, there is increasing demand for high-quality flowing screeds based on calcium sulfate or cement. And this is exactly where the strength of the screed specialist TransMix lies. And of course wherever cramped construction site situations, deadline pressure and high quality demands require a well thought-out concept. and the wishes of your customers This makes the TransMix a profitable solution for everyone who wants to expand their range of services and have their construction costs under control or reduce them, from craftsmen with a desire to expand to (large) service providers. Because construction site logistics is an essential cost factor with a high potential for success. The TransMix is ​​just the thing for tight construction sites. The highly effective TransMix technology Loading the aggregate Filling the binder chamber Driving to the construction site Fully automatic mixing and conveying Either flowing screed (TransMix 3200) or earth-moist screed (TransMix 5500) 2

3 Intelligent lift system with down-to-earth advantages The TransMix is ​​designed and implemented as a lift system because it offers our customers a lot of weighty advantages: Efficiency through maximum payload with the largest possible volume of the trough Economical through the best ratio of dead weight to payload Fuel-saving thanks to short screw conveyors or - belts (less drive power required) Maximum service life due to the relief of the dosing units Best driving characteristics due to the low center of gravity Space-saving and comfortable in dense traffic and confined conditions, as the high volume of the trough allows short trailers short conveying paths Material flows automatically towards the dosing units Everything on board Setting up the Construction site Selection of the recipe You benefit contribute Control via remote control All operations can be carried out with just one trip and only 1 2 employees No material losses due to sand left behind Independence from de r logistics of the concrete and mixing plants no waiting times no disposal of construction and packaging material direct material reloading on the construction site possible no costs for cleaning the construction site 3

4 With our modular system to your dream machine 4-axle chassis or semi-trailer? Basically, you get the right system as a semi-trailer or with a compact 4-axle chassis. Depending on how much space is available for your missions. The TransMix 8 4 is ideal, for example, in a cramped working environment such as in inner-city areas, as it is up to 3 m shorter and has a lower height. Optional accessories for tailor-made performance The TransMix comes with an extraordinarily extensive range of equipment as standard. With the wide range of options, you can also adapt your range of services to your needs and the needs and requirements of your customers. The TransMix offers a wealth of possibilities. Every TransMix system is unique. The TransMix for flowing screeds and the TransMix 5500 for conventional screeds form the basis of the Evolution series from Putzmeister. Your machine will be put together for you according to your wishes. 1. Flow screed (screw pump) and / or bulk insulation or earth-moist screed (compressed air conveyor) 2. Vehicle requirements (construction site environment, road conditions, approval criteria) Semi-trailer Required daily output (trough size m³ *, depending on the m² / day and the paving thickness. Additional reloading of material is no problem ) 4. Binder and aggregates to be conveyed (max. 3 chambers, up to 30 m³ total volume *) Calcium sulphate (anhydrite) Sand Cement Styrofoam Fly ash 5. Chamber sizes (logistics, reloading, recipe) How big must the individual chambers be for optimal consumption ? 6. Options and accessories e.g. B. Dosing devices depending on the material (screw or conveyor belt), additive dosing, discharge aids (vibrators, flutter valves), chip dosing, injection, ... Binder (cement, calcium sulfate) Moist screed Mixing tank with compressed air conveyor (TransMix 5500) Feed channel Floor screed mixer, conveyor hopper and screw pump (TransMix 3200)

5 Up to three chambers offer variety for your screed. Chamber 1 is for the aggregate (sand, styrofoam), chamber 2 for the binder (anhydrite, cement) and can be subdivided vertically to create a third chamber. Depending on the recipe, this chamber can also be used, for. B. can be used for fly ash. Divided binder chamber for maximum flexibility The TransMix can be equipped with a divided binder chamber for cement or anhydrite. The combination of normal cement and rapid cement can also be easily implemented with the TransMix. This ensures that the two materials do not come into contact with one another. Single-chamber system for premixed dry mortar In some cases, not many separate chambers but one large chamber are required. For example, when ready-mixed dry mortar is to be processed. Every type of dry mortar can be used, among other things. use for floor filler. Contact us. Our TransMix sales team will be happy to advise you on the configuration of your TransMix. Central configuration features at a glance TransMix as 3200 (for self-leveling screed) with screw pump or as 5500 (for cement screed) with compressed air conveyor Both variants as semi-trailers or with compact 4-axle chassis Subdivision of the aluminum trough into specific aggregate and binding agent chambers (max. 3 Chambers with a total volume of up to 30 m³ *) Type of aggregate and binder injection Execution of the sliding roof and much more m. * Between m³ total volume (special sizes on request), depending on the vehicle and specific approval regulations. Up to three chambers of variable size can be configured. Surcharge (sand, styrofoam) (surcharge and binder) Binder surcharge (schematic representation) 5

6 Everything on board for your success Via filler neck Short, effective conveying paths Small residual quantities Quick and convenient cleaning with additional emptying opening on the dosing screw enables quick material changes Convenient control and operation Store up to 10 recipes 20 available languages ​​Focus on safety at work Safety railings on the ascent and in the work area on the trough Passage to the sand chamber with ladder and railings


8 Flow screed and insulation TransMix 3200 Calcium sulphate flow screed Cement flow screed Bulk insulation Flow filler TransMix 3200 for flow screed With a powerful screw pump, it ensures a permanent flow of material at the laying point. It conveys self-leveling screed with a maximum grain size of 12 mm and up to 18 m³ / h! Thanks to the automatic dosing of the materials, the screed quality remains constant during the entire conveying process. The inliner for Styrofoam can be filled pneumatically via the filler neck. TransMix 3200 semi-trailer TransMix pump worm pump worm pump delivery pressure max. 35 bar max. 35 bar delivery rate (theor.) ** max. 18 m³ / h max. 18 m³ / h delivery distance ** up to 200 m, up to 80 m high up to 200 m wide, up to 80 m high largest grain 12 mm 12 mm drive diesel engine diesel engine weight (empty) approx. t, without tractor approx. 14 t, with tractor water loading * l 800 l surcharge / binder / volume * (max.trough volume) length width height 23 m³ 25 m³ 30 m³ m³ 10.2 m 3.5 m 10.8 m 3.5 m 10.8 m 4.0 m 10.6 m 3.26 m * Special sizes on request. Filling quantities are country and registration-specific as well as dependent on the vehicle and the trough configuration! ** Information is based on experience and material-dependent 8


10 Earth-moist screeds TransMix 5500 cement screed Calcium sulphate screed Magnesia screed TransMix 5500 for earth-moist screeds The powerful compressed air conveyor of the TransMix 5500 conveys material up to a grain size of 16 mm. It can be configured individually, leaves the construction site absolutely clean and sets new standards in terms of mixing and processing quality in the market for earth-moist screeds. TransMix 5500 semi-trailer TransMix pump Compressed air conveyor Compressed air conveyor Delivery pressure max. 8 bar max. 8 bar Delivery rate (theor.) ** max. 5 m³ / h max. 5 m³ / h delivery distance ** up to 180 m, up to 90 m high up to 180 m wide, up to 90 m high, largest grain 16 mm 16 mm drive diesel engine diesel engine weight (empty) approx. t, without tractor approx. 14 t, with tractor water loading * 120 l 120 l surcharge / binder / volume * (max. trough volume) length width height 23 m³ 25 m³ 30 m³ m³ 10.2 m 3.5 m 10.8 m 3.5 m 10.8 m 4.0 m 10.6 m 3.26 m * Special sizes on request. Filling quantities are country and registration-specific as well as dependent on the vehicle and the trough configuration! ** Information is based on experience and material-dependent 10

11 A divided binder chamber allows e.g. B. to produce calcium sulphate screed and to carry cement in a second chamber for wet rooms and basements all with one and the same TransMix in this configuration example, the vehicle is used exclusively for the production of earth-moist cement screed, with only one binder chamber. Volume of the trough 25 m³ 19 m³ surcharge (schematic representation) Binder chamber with 6 m³ earth-moist screed No physical strain for the machinist No contamination from residual quantities Constantly high mixing and material quality Convenient operation by remote control at the installation site Our service team for your TransMix only the best in competence Technology, competence in service, our customer service Our TransMix service is just as first class as our machines when it comes to advice, maintenance, repairs and the procurement of spare parts. Our professionals are at your disposal for this purpose, who will be on site quickly in the event of an emergency and will help you with technical questions. Whether you own a machine from our current range or a real classic car, we will give you competent answers at any time. We are also happy to take the time for detailed advice. Service directly from the manufacturer TransMix service hotline: our service technicians will come to you as soon as possible! 11

12 All advantages at a glance Possible applications Easier work and convenience Simple handling: enter the screed recipe on site, raise the trailer and pump Earth-moist screed With the TransMix 5500, earth-moist screed is mixed and conveyed in plug by plug. The advantages are the low purchase prices of the binder and the surcharge. Additive and water are precisely dosed for each mixture. If you want the screed to be covered quickly, you can also work with quick-release cement. Exact dosage of aggregates and binders Consistently high quality including proof of recipe and processed quantities Perfect advertising effect through your personal imprint Quality Made in Germany Configuration according to your requirements and needs, whether for flowing screed, insulation fillings or earth-moist screed Expansion by developing new ones Business areas and thus new customers Profitable production of high-quality floor coverings High availability and service life Amortization in a short time thanks to: - Greatly reduced set-up times - Less manpower - Lower material costs - Fewer ancillary costs, as there is almost no disposal of waste and residual quantities - Time-saving thanks to minimal cleaning effort of self-leveling screed With the TransMix 3200 with a flexible configuration of the troughs for aggregates and binders such as anhydrite, cement and possibly fly ash, you are well equipped for your operations. Large quantities of flowable screeds can be pumped using a screw pump. Insulation / Styrofoam variants If a lightweight construction material such as styrofoam is used as an aggregate, the largest possible hollow is recommended, as with our TransMix Technical changes and errors reserved by Putzmeister Mörtelmaschinen GmbH 2016 All rights reserved Printed in Germany (11602Sc) BM 4562 DE BRINKMANN, a company of the Putzmeister Group Max-Eyth-Strasse Aichtal Tel. +49 (7127) Fax +49 (7127)