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Experience with Care by Volvo: Fast & flexible mobility

The car brand Volvo has consistently relied on hybrid and electric drives for several years, which means that even the entry-level models of the vehicles can be found in the upper price segment.

If you don't feel like spending so much money on a new car or if you don't want to commit yourself to a long-term leasing contract, you can now get the Volvo cars cheaply in the form of a Car subscriptions drive.

According to the manufacturer, the subscription includes a so-called carefree all-in package, which means that you do not incur any additional costs during the subscription.

I have that Volvo offer in detail viewed, many Testimonials studied and you the most important facts compiled in this blog post.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the time for a personal test. As soon as I was able to carry out a Care by Volvo test, I will add this post as soon as possible.

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The Care by Volvo range

Care by Volvo is a car subscription with which you can rent a new Volvo at a fixed price.

These are the conditions:

  • No commitment period or lead times
  • Vehicle change possible at any time
  • 15,000 kilometers per year
  • More kilometers can be booked for a surcharge
  • Easily met requirements for the degree and additional driver

The subscription price includes both registration fees and the cost of insurance, maintenance, tire changes and any breakdown assistance.

You also benefit from one Pick-up and delivery service and even the storage of the tires is included in the car subscription.

As a special bonus, Volvo offers you one free data volume in the amount of 10 GB, so you don't have to do without your favorite streaming services while driving.

However, the prerequisite for renting a Volvo is that you are at least 18 years old, and other drivers of legal age can also use the vehicle.

Special features at Care by Volvo

Volvo is considered to be one of the safest car brands in the world.

It is therefore not surprising that every vehicle comes with basic safety equipment.

If you want to subscribe to a car, the following is always included:

  • Reversing camera with parking aid
  • navigation system
  • High beam assistant
  • Lane departure warning
  • WiFi hotspot

In addition, you have full access to the services of the Volvo Assistance and on the coveted Volvo On Call app.

How to subscribe to a car with Care by Volvo

The subscription can be concluded comfortably and within a few minutes via the Internet.

  1. You can choose from different new vehicles on the website and customize them if necessary.
  2. Once you have found your dream car, all you have to do is enter your personal details and your bank details.
  3. This is followed by an internal credit check.
  4. Once this has been successfully completed, your dream car will be delivered to your doorstep.
  5. As an additional service, Volvo offers you the option of having your car picked up for a workshop visit, and you are entitled to a replacement car.

This not only saves you valuable time, it also saves you nerves.

The delivery times at Care by Volvo

The Care by Volvo experiences from different users show that the waiting times for certain models are quite some weeks can take advantage of.

For individually configured vehicles, the delivery time can even be up to six months be.

However, if you need your vehicle immediately, you have the option of using an existing vehicle.

You can find out which models are currently in stock on the Volvo website.

That costs you a car subscription with Care by Volvo

The prices for a car subscription start at just under 500 euros per month.

In contrast to a classic leasing contract, you do not have to make a down payment or final payment.

Volvo also offers a 30-day trial subscription. During this time you can gain your own Care by Volvo experience and simply cancel your subscription if you don't like it.

However, you should note that the prices refer to a mileage of 15,000 kilometers per year. For each additional kilometer, 20 cents are charged.

But there are also packages that contain a higher number of kilometers. For these packages you have to reckon with a monthly surcharge of 40 to 400 euros.

Termination and return

At Care by Volvo there is no change or termination fee.

So you can change your subscription cancel anytime during the first month. Thereafter, a notice period of three months applies.

The return of the car works like this:

  1. A vehicle inspection is carried out by an independent service provider.
  2. This will check your car for any damage.
  3. All defects are recorded and assessed in a handover protocol.
thanks to the included fully comprehensive insurance your deductible is a maximum of 500 euros.

However, it should be noted that you with your vehicle, for example only within Europe are allowed to drive. If you are planning further trips, it is worth checking the insurance contract in advance or contacting Volvo directly.

Conclusion: With Care by Volvo a modern, innovative car subscription

Volvo's original mobility concept gives you the chance to subscribe to a high quality and safe car without breaking your budget.

The subscription terminate flexibly and at short noticeso you don't have to make a long-term commitment.

You can also use your Change vehicle at any timeso that you can try out different models at short notice.

This is also special Volvo trial subscription, which gives you the opportunity to carry out a Care by Volvo test risk-free and check whether the offer suits you and your lifestyle.

View Care by Volvo cars now

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