What is Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome NHS

Melatonin versus placebo in Lennox-Gastaut syndrome: neurophysiological and neuropsychological effects

Eligibility to participate


Inclusion criteria: - Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (1989 on the ILAE classification, 1989) - light intellectual rights (QI 50-69) - French mother tongue - having parents who help the patient (parents and / or guardians) - the patient / legal guardian has informed consent - absence of a lack of evolutionary relationships or related sleep pathologies - patient collaboration, contacts, all aspects of the study being will. Exclusion criteria: - epileptic syndrome other than Lennox-Gastaut, other neurological and / or psychiatric conditions - moderate to severe mental problems (QI



Minimum age:

18 years

Maximum age:

I løbet af 2014-2015 list all patients up to the previous vascular surgical clinic at their general practitioner on the basis of the knuder blev screened for GSV insufficiencies. Vi inviterede all patients, the udfylder inclusion criteria for at deltage i denne undersøgelse. Including every patient blev randomiseret up to modtaget termisk ablation (laser ablation or radiofrekvensablation) or mekanokemisk ablation med Clarivein-Enheden up to the treatment af GSV med tilbagesvaling. Patients udfyldte Aberdeen Varicose Vein Questionnaire (AVVQ) ved Baseline. Vi registers the præoperative consequences of the GSV, heard the taxes from the most proksimale 20 must and the mentioned all functions ved låret. Among the procedures, for auditing and subsequent reports, patient reports on the report on the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) in a scale from 0 to 10. Ved en måneds opfølgendbesøg, vi registreret sårheling, hæmatomer eller blue markers, nerves and pigmentering. Status af GSV blev undersøgt with Duplex Doppler Ultralyd. Patients are also subject to the afgøre, hvad the ville have given the optimal sygefravær efter procedures. Ved et års opfølgning blev nerve escalation, pigmentation and clinical status registered, velvet status for GSV med Duplex Doppler-Ultralyd. Patient information and AVVQ spørgeskema.

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