How will you remember Chester Bennington

On the second anniversary of his death: fans remember Chester Bennington

The grief is still enormous. Two years ago today, Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington (✝41) died - the rocker suffered from depression and committed suicide in July 2017. He remained visible to the public even after his death: His widow Talinda even launched a campaign to give depressed people new courage to face life. The fans of the father of six have apparently not forgotten their idol either: On the second anniversary of his death, numerous supporters will now commemorate the American!

To Chesters Instagram-Profile hailed new comments almost every minute on Saturday. "Two years without you. We miss you!", For example, writes a user and accentuates his grief with a crying emoji. Some followers remember the "Numb" interpreter with profound words: "You left, but you will never be forgotten!" a fan promises his idol.

In Germany, too, there are apparently many music lovers who are still close to Chester's death. According to reports from MDR fans gathered in several German cities today to review the Linkin Park frontman's life's work.

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Would you have thought Chester died two years ago? 475 votes
Yes - I was aware that this sad day is now back.
No! It seems to me as if it was only yesterday that this terrible news reached me.

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