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Editing & terminology

Quality is the be-all and end-all of every product. Quality assurance is an important step in that direction. This also applies to the text quality of your technical documentation. Good, concise and above all correct texts are important and help convince customers. Any mistake in it is a nuisance and can lead to costly text corrections. A uniform style also increases the recognition value of your company.

Editing ensures the quality of your documentation. The texts are checked for correct spelling, grammar, style and terminology. We also carry out the automated editing CLAT for customers.

The value of an individual proprietary terminology is not to be underestimated. Well done, it promotes that Recognition value Of your company. Certain terms make customers think of your company and your products immediately. This is advertising around the clock!
The terminology of your company is developed in close cooperation with you and the continuous and appropriate use of your company terminology in your texts is ensured. This not only increases the recognition value of your company, but also ensures good and clear communication within your company.

In order to promote your recognition value even beyond national borders, you have the option of having your defined German company vocabulary translated for your foreign-language documentation. This ensures consistent translation quality and increases consistency.