Will the internet ever break

Warning: the internet is broken!

Heartbleed is perhaps the most serious bug that has ever appeared on the modern internet.
Specifically, it concerns a weak point in the encryption protocol “OpenSSL” with which more than 60% of the Internet is operated. We are all affected! Now it's time to change passwords!

This blog post is not intended to explain in detail what technically the Heartbleed Bug is all about.
If you are interested in this, you can read about it here or here, for example.

However, since it cannot be assumed that everyone who uses the Internet has noticed anything, I also use the modest reach of my readership to expressly point out again.

However, the consequences of the bug do not resolve themselves!
An OpenSSL bug fix is ​​now available, but it is not enough to wait for the web service operators to clean up their log.

Potential attackers have a foot in the door until you have changed your password yourself.
Websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo or Tumblr are specifically affected.

A good list with corresponding statements from the site operator can be found at Mashable.com.
There is also a link to this video, where the problem is explained in simple words.

Anyone who has so far only taken care of the management of their passwords peripherally, now has the very best reason to put their password strategy on a new foundation.

Useful and actually indispensable help with password management has been around for years.
I personally use the software 1Password from AgileBits for this. But there are other similarly good password management tools out there.
1Password is currently available for iOS and Mac by 50%. So it's best to grab it quickly!

Click here for the App Store version of 1Password for iOS

The most important thing is: take the story seriously!
Better safe, than sorry!

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