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With spears in my back
I fell behind and lost my way
I fell apart on my knees
With the sight of Clive's crooked smile.

The traitors of Murshidabad
The traitors of Murshidabad

Yar Latif Khan shall not be the one
The bastard merchant Umichand
A Rray Durlabh Ram, A Jagat Sheth
The malicious fiends, the titular Nawab

The last sun of Bengal sets in the horizon
The traitors of Murshidabad, Behead ‘em all
The Bengal hacks off your testicles
The patio of Bastard sons, the vessels of death

Traitor thee Mir Jafar, accession on the bloody throne
The throne of the last independent Nawab
Thou the titular Nawab,
Heaven-born-general, Thy lord Clive,
I, Jafar, bow to you Great One

Mir Jafar, Captured Siraj in Murshidabad
Let the defeated Nawab brought down on to his knees
Let my bastard behead him in the name of Lord Clive
Let Ghaseti Begum be drowned in the deepest Bhagirathi

Let the dance begin ...

Nacho nacho amar Bayeji ra
Ange ange dola dao
Nupur he jholkani te
Aj matowara Murshidabad
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