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Finance luxury watches

«Is it a contradiction in terms or a wise decision? »

Does it make sense to have a Buy luxury watch on credit or should such a purchase be made exclusively with equity? This question is not easy to answer. On the one hand, consumers should not go into debt for consumer spending if possible, but on the other hand, buying a high-quality luxury watch can also be an investment with the prospect of increasing its value. We have put together a few arguments for our readers to help them make decisions.

Pay for the watch in installments - an alternative to buying it now

Admittedly, for people without a special relationship to watches, the purchase of a luxury watch can hardly be justified rationally anyway, especially since the mere task of displaying the time is now also accomplished by smartphones and the like.

In contrast, every watch collector should have a more or less long wish list of models. For some it may be about being able to finally wear their absolute favorite model on their arm every day, others are still missing this or that precious piece to complete their collection that has been gathered over many years. An immediate purchase often fails due to the high price. It is understandable that many watch enthusiasts want to pay for watches in installments.

A watch loan as an alternative to buying it now is therefore now offered by numerous jewelry and watchmaker shops. This applies to stationary retail as well as to online shops. The individual providers work together with selected banks and financing partners. At Uhrinstinkt, customers can also take out a watch loan and use it to finance luxury watches.

Finance luxury watches or would you prefer to save on the purchase price first?

Basically, the question arises as to whether and in which situations it makes sense at all to want to pay for a watch in installments and not pay the entire purchase price at once.

A proven business rule is that consumption should only be financed from your own liquid funds, but not on credit, while when realizing an investment it can make sense to use a reasonable proportion of debt.

This principle is also justified in private life. After all, the money spent on consumption, for example on an expensive vacation or an elaborate party, is gone for the time being, while the debts will remain with you for a long time afterwards. If there are financial bottlenecks during this time, because the income is reduced or unforeseen larger expenses arise, it will be difficult. If, on the other hand, the money is spent on the acquisition of long-term assets, then the situation is different.

These are, for example, real estate or valuables, the value of which may fluctuate over time, but are rarely completely lost. If necessary, they can be resold so that the remainder or at least part of the outstanding liabilities can be settled with the proceeds.

Whether you should finance a luxurious watch or better forego a watch loan can be answered in the same way.

Therefore, there is nothing to be said against watch enthusiasts financing luxury watches that come from a well-known and highly sought-after brand whose products, experience has shown, have proven to be particularly stable in value.

If you have an Omega, Tag Heuer, Longines, Breitling watch or the like in your eye, you own something that will surely keep its value. However, if it is a less popular brand or a model that is not particularly popular among collectors, then buying a watch with a loan would be more like a case of credit-financed consumption and should only be done with particular caution.

Finance luxury watches instead of missing out on opportunities

In some cases, a watch loan can be the decisive opportunity to secure a particularly rare example. For example, collectors and watch enthusiasts can finance luxury watches in order to be able to purchase a certain limited edition before it is sold out.

If the rare watch then achieves rapid and significant increases in value, the purchase with a watch loan will soon be worth it. Anyone who has already been able to combine several sought-after collector's items in their private collection can take it a little more relaxed anyway. In this case, impending liquidity problems can, if necessary, be bridged by selling or borrowing individual items without the entire budget getting into difficulties.

Financing a watch: weigh the alternatives carefully!

However, not all credit is the same, because even in a historically unique phase of low interest rates, the terms and conditions of the individual financing providers differ considerably from one another. This shows a comparison of the APR for different offers. The APR is so important because a pure comparison of the specified nominal interest does not take into account all financing costs and is therefore less meaningful.

If you look at the effective annual interest rates of various financing options, it is noticeable that these vary widely. Some credit card providers still charge their customers double-digit debit interest, while installment loans are now often offered with medium or low single-digit interest rates and are therefore significantly cheaper than most overdraft facilities.

Watch loan: often cheaper than overdraft facility and credit card

If you want to finance a watch and have received a generous overdraft facility or a high credit limit for your credit card from your bank, you should only use it if you can expect a larger incoming payment within a few days or weeks than the one used Quickly settles the loan amount.

Otherwise, a special watch loan or a classic consumer loan is the much cheaper option for anyone who wants to finance luxury watches.

Financing luxury watches - why watch loans are often particularly cheap

There is a good reason that watch enthusiasts can finance their watch comparatively cheaply with special watch loans. Similar to a car loan or real estate financing, where the vehicle or property can serve as security for the lender, this also applies to luxury watches.

The risk for banks that finance luxury watches is significantly lower than in the case of consumer credit freely available. If necessary, the bank can ultimately dispose of a luxury watch as well as a car, a house or a piece of land. This is typically reflected in significantly lower interest rates, while the bank has to factor in a higher risk premium when pricing a pure consumer loan without earmarking and without security.

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