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Lee Lozowick Spiritual Education. Helpful Advice, Practical Wisdom Hardcover

Helpful Advice, Practical Wisdom

Hardback edition

Practical guide for parents and educators who want to bring a greater degree of awareness, friendliness and compassion as well as more honesty in relation to themselves into their upbringing when dealing with children. The book wants to help parents in their important upbringing and give children an optimal start. This book is intended for all those who wish to receive instruction from a higher plane for their upbringing. Spiritual and conscious upbringing could be summed up: developing love and affection, showing life-affirming boundaries for our children and being honest with ourselves and our children. The main element of any child rearing is the role model of the parents. Since we cannot give our children what we do not have ourselves, the author calls on parents and educators to take a close look at the self-centeredness, ignorance and lack of awareness that dominate their own lives, because they endanger the happiness and well-being of our children .

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