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Miles Edward O'Brien

Miles Edward O'Brien


Senior Chief Petty Officer

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September 2328
Ireland- earth

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Molly O'Brien
Kirayoshi O'Brien


Voice actor

Walter Alich
Jörg Döring
Roland Hemmo
Uwe Jellinek

Miles Edward O'Brien can look back on a long career as a non-commissioned officer. In his long career he has served in many different positions, including the flagship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) and the space station Deep Space 9.

Childhood and adolescence Edit source]

Miles Edward O'Brien was born on earth in Ireland in September 2328 and grew up in Dublin. (DS9:O'Brien's identity, The front)

As a child, O'Brien loved building models. As a child, O'Brien loved to build ships in bottles. In his youth he built model ships for the first warp capable spaceships. However, O'Brien has no talent for technical gadgets and is unable to fix anything. (TNG:The energy trap; DS9:The paradise experiment)

During his childhood, young O'Brien liked to tease teachers in class. (DS9:The succession)

O'Brien owned a dog when he was young and it took a lot of attention from him. (DS9:Personalities)

O'Brien has also been into music since childhood. This is how O'Brien learns to play the cello. O'Brien's father expects his son to study at the Aldebaran Academy of Music and become a cellist, but instead the young O'Brien goes to Starfleet. (DS9:The illusion)

Before O'Brien goes to the academy, he says goodbye to his siblings. (DS9:The symbiote)

Early career Edit source]

In 2346, O'Brien began his career as a recruited crewman with Starfleet. (DS9:The illusion)

Early in his career he served on the USS under the command of Captain Benjamin Maxwell Rutledge. It was around this time that O'Brien witnessed the Setlik III massacre, in which the Cardassians attacked the Federation outpost of Setlik III, killing many people in the process. O'Brien's commander, Captain Maxwell, also loses his family. O'Brien and Maxwell find few survivors. Shortly afterwards, the away team is attacked by Cardassians and involved in fighting. O'Brien stuns one of the Cardassians in one of the fights when suddenly another Cardassian attacks. One of the colonists throws a phaser at O'Brien. But this is set to full strength and the Cardassian soldier dissolves in front of O'Brien's eyes. This is a major shock to O'Brien as he has not yet killed anyone. It then comes to the Federal Cardassian War, where O'Brien continues to fight the Cardassians. (TNG:The campaign of revenge)

At the same time, O'Brien leads twelve men against the Barrica camp and kills an entire Cardassian regiment. It was around this time that O'Brien discovered his technical talents when he was forced to repair a van. In order not to get into Cardassian captivity, O'Brien repairs the transporter and is able to beam himself and his men away from Setlik III. Maxwell then appoints O'Brien as his tactical officer. (TNG:The campaign of revenge; DS9:The paradise experiment, Empok Nor)

A few years later, O'Brien must repair an important emitter on the Zayra IV starbase. However, there are some Talarian hook spiders in the shaft on the way to the emitter. Although O'Brien is very afraid of spiders, he crawls through the shaft between the spiders. Through this event, O'Brien overcomes his fear of spiders and even gets himself a tarantula, which he calls Christina. (TNG:Scared to death when beaming)

O'Brien has been serving vans since 2347. Until 2369 he had never experienced a disaster or anything like that. (TNG:Scared to death when beaming)

By 2372, O'Brien served on half a dozen ships, participated in over 235 combat situations, and received 15 Starfleet awards. (DS9:The battle, The judgment)

On board the Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) [edit | Edit source]

2364 [edit | Edit source]

In 2364, O'Brien served aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. O'Brien has the rank of chief petty officer and has the post of helmsman at this time. At that time the Enterprise their first assignment to check the space base Farpoint station. On the way there is the Enterprise enveloped by a kind of net and a stranger, who calls himself Q, appears on the bridge. Q reproaches people that they are a barbaric race and he forbids them to travel further through space. Since Q is the Enterprise is superior, Picard plans to outsmart him by ordering the separation of the saucer section at maximum acceleration. Picard transfers his command to the battle bridge and O'Brien controls the helm there. The saucer section escapes, but Q captures the combat section of the Enterprise off again and the bridge crew is suddenly in a courtroom in the year 2079, in the post-atomic horror period. Q again accuses the bridge officers of the barbarism of the people. Picard stands up for people and wants to prove that people have improved over time. As a test from Q, Picard is commissioned to solve the puzzle at Farpoint Station. The bridge officers are then transferred back to the battle bridge and O'Brien wonders where his colleagues have gone. The combat section then flies to Farpoint Station. O'Brien thinks Farpoint Station is a boring place, but Picard thinks it could get very interesting there. At Farpoint, Picard Q later succeeds in solving the task and he can prove that people have meanwhile developed further. (TNG:The powerful, Mission Farpoint)

A few weeks later the Enterprise Delegates of the Anticans and the Selay to the planet Parliament. When one of the Anticans leaves his quarters, O'Brien tries to stop him, but the Antican urgently wishes to speak to the captain. Suddenly a Selay arrives and the two attack each other. O'Brien tries unsuccessfully to keep the two arguing apart. Later reached the Enterprise Parliament and removes the delegates from there. (TNG:The mysterious power)

2365 [edit | Edit source]

From 2365 O'Brien worked as a transport chief on board the Enterprise. O'Brien is taking care of samples of the plasma search from 'aucdet IX on board the Enterprise be beamed. O'Brien later beams the plasma search samples to the Tango Sierra research station. (TNG:The child)

A little later discovered the Enterprise a hole in space and the ship gets into it. The Enterprise is caught in the anomaly and wanders about in it. Suddenly the USS appears Yamato and William T. Riker and Worf beam over to find out what happened. O'Brien is responsible for transporting them and later O'Brien beams them back onto the Enterprise. A little later the Enterprise escaped from the anomaly. (TNG:Illusion or reality?)

A few weeks later, O'Brien beams Picard with an away team to the planet Ramatis III so that Picard can meet the agent Riva there. O'Brien later beams the away team back and reports this to the bridge. Shortly thereafter, O'Brien beams Riva and an away team to the planet Solais V so that Riva can negotiate with the Solari, who are in a civil war. However, when the away team is threatened, O'Brien immediately beams it back to the Enterprise. O'Brien later orbits Riva back to the surface so he can continue his negotiations. (TNG:The mute mediator)

Due to the influence of genetic experiments carried out at the Darwin genetic research station on Gagarin IV, the crew of the USS dies Lantree the consequences of a rapid aging process. The Enterprise then goes to Gagarin IV to investigate these incidents. Doctor Katherine Pulaski wants to examine one of the children who have been genetically engineered there. Geordi La Forge monitors the force field the boy is in, and O'Brien beams him into the force field. Since Pulaski wants to examine the boy completely, she asks Picard to examine the boy in a shuttle and Picard agrees. O'Brien then beams the boy into the shuttle. On board the shuttle, Pulaski discovers that the boy, like the other children, has an aggressive immune system that fights pathogens outside of his own body. These antibodies trigger the aging process and now Pulaski is also affected. In order to treat Pulaski's disease, O'Brien modified the biofilter of the transporter and with the transporter data from Pulaski it should be beamed back on board without the pathogen. Since this transport is very risky, Picard takes it over and O'Brien is very grateful to his captain for it. While Picard takes care of the transport, O'Brien oversees the systems. Pulaski successfully aboard the Enterprise beamed and the aging process is reversed. (TNG:The young old men)

A little later, Riker takes part in the officer exchange program on a Klingon spaceship. O'Brien beams Riker to the ICS Pagh and is glad that he doesn't have to go there. (TNG:The exchange officer)

A few weeks later, O'Brien takes part in the officers' poker game, but loses to Riker. (TNG:Who Owns Data?)

Shortly thereafter, O'Brien beams Salia and Anya from Klavdia III aboard the Enterprise. O'Brien later beams the two of them to the planet Daled IV. (TNG:The heir to the throne)

Some time later the Enterprise in orbit of the planet Iconia. At this time there were massive system failures on board the due to a data transmission from an Iconian probe Enterprise. Picard then beams to the surface with an away team to investigate the Iconian technology. O'Brien can keep the van stable long enough to beam the away team to the planet's surface. On the surface, the away team finds a solution that Enterprise to get rid of the dangerous program. (TNG:The Iconia probes)

A few weeks later, O'Brien beams a piece of debris from the NASA spacecraft Charybdis from planet Theta 116 VIII aboard the Enterprise. To find out how an earthly ship from the 21st century got to this planet, O'Brien beams an away team onto the planet. There the away team finds out that aliens are the Charybdis to this planet and for ColonelStephen G. Richey an artificial world based on the novelHotel Royalehave created. (TNG:Hotel Royale)

Some time later discovered the Enterprise a floating shuttle in space. The shuttle poses as the shuttle El-Baz of the Enterprise out. There is also an unconscious Captain Picard in the shuttle, although the real Picard is also on the bridge at the same time. This shuttle is six hours from the future. In this future the Enterprise destroyed by an anomaly and Picard is the only survivor. After about six hours, the Enterprise into this anomaly and is trapped in it. The second Picard wants to go with the El-Baz the Enterprise to save the spaceship from the anomaly. But the real Picard realizes he has to stop the other Picard to get the Enterprise to rescue. Picard kills his doppelganger and thus prevents the leap in time El-Baz. Then Doctor Pulaski and O'Brien join and Pulaski can only determine the death of the second Picard. As the Enterprise escapes the anomaly, the second Picard disappears with the shuttle and O'Brien reports this to the bridge. (TNG:The future is silent)

When the Enterprise Located at Montgomery Starbase, Commander Riker's father, Kyle Riker, comes aboard the Enterprise. While the Commander and O'Brien are talking in the Ten Front, O'Brien notices the good relationship between Pulaski and Riker's father. Riker reacts angrily to his father. At the same time, Wesley Crusher notices that Worf is acting strangely. Over time, Crusher finds out that Worf is celebrating the tenth anniversary of his Rite of Ascension. Crusher programs a program for Worf in which he can carry out his ritual. According to tradition, Worf's friends also take part in this ritual and thus O'Brien is also present at this ritual. (TNG:Riker's father)

Some time later, Data contacts the girl Zaryenka, whose home planet Drema IV is threatened by a geological catastrophe. However, since Sarjenka's people are a prewarp culture, Picard Data forbids contact with the girl. Later, Riker beamed Data to the surface, as this is a violation of the Supreme Directive, O'Brien should pretend nothing had happened. But as Data illegally with Sarjenka on the Enterprise Beams back, O'Brien suspects this will cause trouble. Picard later decides to break the Supreme Directive to save the planet. (TNG:Pen pals)

Shortly afterwards, Q brings the Enterprise to Sector J-25. That's where she meets Enterprise on an unknown cube-shaped spaceship. To find out more about the strangers, Riker and an away team go to the cube. O'Brien beams the away team aboard the cube. There it turns out that the strangers who call themselves Borg are far superior to Starfleet. O'Brien then beams the away team back to the Enterprise. With the help of Q, the Enterprise escaped the Borg. (TNG:Jump in time with Q)

A few weeks later, O'Brien beams a group of colonists who have lived on the planet Bringloid V since the 22nd century and are now threatened by a solar flare on board the Enterprise. Danilo Odell, the leader of the colonists, realizes that O'Brien is from Ireland. Odell, due to the fact that O'Brien is Irish, holds him in command of the ship. But suddenly Picard arrives and explains the situation to Odell. Eventually the colonists are relocated to the Mariposa colony. (TNG:The planet of the clones)

A little later, O'Brien beams two Antedean delegates and the Betazoid ambassador Lwaxana Troi on board the Enterpriseto be brought to Pacifica. The two Antedeans are later exposed as assassins and arrested. (TNG:Different stars, different customs)

Shortly thereafter, O'Brien beams the Klingon ambassador K'Ehleyr on board, who is traveling with a class 8 probe to get to the Enterprise to get. (TNG:Klingon encounter)

At the end of the year, Riker injured himself on a creeper on Surata IV and was infected with an unknown pathogen. O'Brien cannot beam Riker on board due to the unknown pathogen. Pulaski then beams himself to the surface and examines Riker. Although Pulaski feels very uncomfortable with beaming, O'Brien allows himself a little joke with her. But Pulaski doesn't find this funny. After the exam, Pulaski allows O'Brien to beam Riker to the infirmary. A little later, Pulaski finds a cure for the pathogen and is able to save Riker. (TNG:Power of dreams)

2366 [edit | Edit source]

In 2366, the Sheliak Corporation requested that a human colony on Tau Cygna V be evacuated so that the Sheliak could colonize the planet. Due to the hyperonic radiation, beaming onto the surface is impossible. O'Brien and Geordi La Forge try to modify the transporter so that it can be beamed onto the surface. Ultimately, the two of them find a solution to the problem, La Forge only needs several hundred experts who modify the transporter over a period of 15 years so that transport is even possible. Picard of course rejects this suggestion, and another solution for the evacuation has already been found. (TNG:The power of paragraphs)

A disaster occurs during a field mission and Lieutenant Marla Aster is killed. Aster leaves behind a son, Jeremy Aster. A little later, however, the aster, believed to be dead, appears and wants to take her son with her to the surface of the planet. She asks O'Brien to beam her to the planet, but Picard does not allow this and Aster suddenly disappears. It turns out that the Koinonians feel responsible for Aster's death and want to take care of the boy. But Picard explains to the Koinonians that the boy will get over the loss of his mother. (TNG:Motherly love)

Shortly thereafter, O'Brien beams Picard with an away team onto a Promellian battle cruiser and a little later O'Brien beams the away team back onto the Enterprise. (TNG:The energy trap)

A little later, La Forge disappears on an outside mission on the inhospitable planet Galorndon Core. O'Brien tries him on that Enterprise beam, but due to an energy storm this is impossible. A little later, O'Brien La Forge manages to return to the Enterprise to beam. (TNG:Walking a fine line)

Some time later, O'Brien orients a delegation from the Ferengi aboard the Enterprise. (TNG:The Barzan trade)

With Angosia III, that helps Enterprise to capture the fugitive Angosian Roga Danar. When he is beamed on board by O'Brien, he attacks the security team Enterprise and puts it out of action. O'Brien is also attacked by Danar and when O'Brien tries to fire Danar, Danar also puts him out of action. But later, Worf succeeds in arresting Danar and taking him to his cell. When Danar is later to be beamed out of the holding cell of O'Brien, he is able to escape again. Danar finally manages to escape to Angosia III to claim his rights to freedom. (TNG:The ostracized)

A little later, Riker goes to the research station Tanuga IV to examine the progress of Doctor Nel Apgar. Apgar is researching warrior waves there