Can rabbits eat banana peels

Feed list

In our food list there is a lot of information about what rabbits are allowed to eat. We have clearly included various ingredients in a small table that should be of particular interest to owners of sick rabbits. If our bunny-in logo is contained in one line, this is deemed to be in agreement. The abbreviation n / a is noted if we did not have any information on the ingredient. Special information, for example whether the feed is puffy or whether it has special medicinal properties, can be found in the text.


Bananas are very high in calories and can cause constipation.

Contain bananas
a lot of water and a lot of carbohydrates, little protein, fat, fiber, organic acids and minerals. In the case of carbohydrates, the fructose and glucose values ​​are very high. The proportion of strength is also considerable.

Ca / Pho balancedContains oxalic acidContains salicylic acidHighly hydrousFattening up

Bananas are a welcome treat, but only in small quantities, please! They can lead to constipation and also contain a high proportion of sugar, which can make you fat and, in the worst case, lead to diabetes, among other things. They are primarily suitable for those rabbits who should put on weight.

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