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Skilfully combining hair color and clothing color - tips for a harmonious appearance

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When choosing your outfit, make sure that the color of your clothes and your hair do not clash.

So that your external appearance is perfect coordinated you should think about how to match the color of your clothes to the color of your hair. There are a few basic tipswhich you should consider in order to ensure a uniform appearance. So that your appearance is really consistent, you should note that not every color automatically matches every hair color. To your overall picture present optimally and to be able to highlight your type positively, a good matching of your clothing colors and your hair color is essential. So - how do you find the right colors for your personal type?

Be careful with bright colors

Tips for blondes and brunettes

There is more to colorful shades Attention commanded. If you have brown or blonde hair, then you probably look good clothes in the colours Red and yellow very well. With the colors Blue, green, purple and pink you usually can't go wrong either. People with gray hair: Basically goes with this hair color any color of clothing.

Tips for red-haired women

Red-haired women are particularly good at the colors blue and green.

Women with red hair, on the other hand, often have it especially heavy. If you have red hair, be sure not to wear clothes in colors that match yours Hair tone too similar are. Otherwise it can happen to your appearance too restless and does not seem coherent. Garments in reddish colors look quick in combination with red hair stabbingwhich again doesn't look nice. The colors Orange, pink and yellow are more likely with red hair not suitablewhile the colors blue and green are ideal for red-haired women.

Tips for women with very dark hair colors

If your hair color is particularly dark, you should no clothes that are too light choose. It is not fundamentally excluded that dark-haired women also look good in light colors, but generally suit them loud sounds much better too dark hair. The bright colors make for you nice contrast. How about a great one, for example bright pink summer dress or a wine-red one coat?

The types of the seasons and the choice of clothing color

Spring and summer types

If you know what type of season you are, you can choose your clothes based on that too. Spring types for example, the hair colors often have Golden blonde, red blonde, golden brown or Medium brown. Spring types should have garments in warm tones like the colors Mint, beige, off-white or tomato red wear. Off-white or beige pullover would be the perfect piece of clothing for a romantic fireplace date in winter, for example. Summer types Have often light blonde, medium brown, or light brown Hair. The colors suit these women Blue, blue-gray, aquamarine, dark brown or hazelnut brown Well.

Autumn and winter type

Wine-red garments look great on the winter type with their dark hair.

If you have a Autumn type then maybe you are wearing the hair color Red or golden brown. You look for clothes in the colors Brown, petrol blue, cream or beige. Finally there is that Winter type. Winter types often have black, ash brown, or dark brown hair. Winter types are the color black especially good. Strong Shades of blue, Clothes in Wine red or clothes in the color plum fit perfectly with winter types. If you are a winter type, you can also do one bright pink, a silver gray or a pure white wear. Pay attention to your next one Clothing purchase best follow these tips and you'll be your type in the future emphasize optimally.

Summary of the types of the seasons

Spring typeGolden blonde, red blonde, golden brown or medium brownMint, beige, off-white or tomato red
Summer typeLight blonde, medium brown, or light brownBlue, blue-gray, aquamarine, dark brown or hazelnut brown
Autumn typeRed or golden brownBrown, petrol blue, cream or beige
Winter typeBlack, ash brown or dark brownBlack, blue, wine red, plum, pink, silver gray, white

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