What kinds of birds have the cutest babies?

Chick pictures

You are looking for unique pictures of baby birds and chicks, I can help you. Here you can find pictures of young birds, which are also called chicks. Most associate the word chick with chicken chicks, goslings, turkey chicks, and ducklings. The children all know the Easter chicks. There are so many different bird chicks in nature that they are fully competitive with the Easter chicks in the industry. First of all, I'll show you a picture of a chick that deserves its name.

Chick picture of the golden plover - we just call him Goldi

Chicks look cute because of their fluffy plumage. But there are not only yellow chicks, as you have already seen, there are even gold-colored chicks. First I will show you some pictures where you can see where the chicks come from and how chicks leave the egg. And then, when their down clothes are dry, they leave their nest. It is often reported that chicks are warmed and fed exclusively in the nest by one of their parents for the first few days after hatching. But this is not always the case. A distinction has to be made between nesting and fleeing nest. It differs from bird species to bird species. More on the subject under nest and fleeing nest.

Watch the seagull chicks hatch

Now I'll show you a photo on which you can see a nest with chicks (baby birds) from a songbird. Songbirds are among the nestlings. They are born blind and naked and only leave their nest when they can fly. There are, however, a few exceptions. Some chicks leave the nest on foot before they can fly, such as the eagle owl.

Songbird chicks are nestlings

The children in elementary schools and kindergarten have to learn that the bird chicks hatch from eggs and are not made in industry like the yellow Easter chicks. I am now showing you pictures of different geese with their chicks. You can see that goslings in nature have many different down clothes. It is used to camouflage them from their enemies. The down dress on chicks changes quickly and they get their first teenage dress.

Chick pictures of goslings in nature
Chick pictures of goslings in nature

The chicks of ducks in nature have just as different down clothes as the goslings. Here you can see pictures of mallard chicks, iron duck chicks, tufted duck chicks, chicks of the teal, chicks of the eider and jumping of the mallard chicks.

Chick pictures of ducklings
Chick pictures of duck chicks

I will now show you some pictures of chickens from nature. The chicks do not look yellow like most industrial chickens do. In the photos you can see a Ptarmigan, also just called a ptarmigan, with its chicks.

Identify bird chicks - chick pictures of ptarmigan chicks

Most birds of prey and owl chicks wear a white down dress first. Birds of prey and owls are among the nestlings, with a few exceptions. Owls leave their nest (eyrie) on foot before they can fly. More under Owl Observations. I am now showing chicks of the buzzard, the peregrine falcon, the kestrel and the eagle owl. If you want to see more chicks of birds of prey and owls, then visit my page birds of prey and owls.

Chick pictures of birds of prey chicks
Chick pictures of birds of prey chicks

In the next pictures you can see chicks of different species of gull, e.g. the common gull, the herring gull, the black-headed gull, the arctic skua and the arctic tern.

Bird pictures of seagull chicks in Hamburg

The chick of our heraldic bird, the sea eagle, should not be missing either. You can find out more about the sea eagle chick from Barsbek in Schleswig-Holstein on my page about sea eagles.

White-tailed eagle chicks in Schleswig-Holstein

Differentiate bird chicks

You want to differentiate between bird chicks of different species, I can help you with that. You can usually find the chicks on my various bird pages. Differentiating chicks from different species is not always easy when the adult bird is not being seen. I will now show you some pictures of bird chicks with their names. Pictures often say more than words.

Differentiate, identify and recognize images of bird chicks

Here are the pictures of stork chicks, cormorant chicks, swan chicks, great crested chicks, redshank chicks, lapwing chicks, crane chicks, red-throated diver chicks, coot chicks and moorhen chicks.

Photos and pictures of young birds

Chick pictures of different bird species
Chick pictures of different bird species

All the chick pictures that I have shown you were created while I was watching birds in nature. I took many pictures of seagulls and ducks in Hamburg.

Feeding young mistletoe thrushes

Have fun on my pages, such as birds of Europe or nature photography birds of Europe

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Observations, photographs, bird pictures and author: Gerhard Brodowski Hamburg

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