What is the cheapest vacation in Maldives

6 tips on how to spend a holiday in the Maldives cheaply

From TRAVELBOOK | September 29, 2017, 2:28 pm

Turquoise sea and small islands that can be circumnavigated in a few minutes: The Maldives are one of the most popular destinations for Germans - but a trip there doesn't have to be expensive. We reveal six saving tips and tricks.

It was an Italian tour group who discovered the Maldives as a diving area in the 1970s and made it famous around the world. The first tourists came in the 1980s, followed by the expansion of other islands and the expansion of the international airport. What began as a rustic holiday destination for divers developed into an island paradise in the Indian Ocean - initially with 3 and 4-star hotels, and finally with 5 and 5-star plus hotels.

To this day, the resorts outbid each other with each new opening, building even more gigantic villas and water bungalows than their neighbors. Photos of colorful underwater worlds, sunsets and marine animals flood magazines, websites, catalogs, blogs and social networks.

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The Maldives also has its downsides

The idyllic image of the Maldives is contrasted with a less positive one: Sharia applies in the Islamic island state, the political situation is assessed by the Foreign Office as persistently unstable, and there are also the threats of climate change and the difficulties with garbage disposal. Nevertheless: the holidaymakers want to lie on one of the many powdered sugar beaches.

From Germany's point of view, the Maldives are not only a long-distance travel destination in terms of geography. Even the budget makes a vacation there a long way off for many people. Although the Maldives is not a classic backpacker destination and is relatively difficult to reach due to its isolated location, there are a few tricks that can save you a lot of money. Here is a selection.

1. Guesthouse instead of luxury hotel

Luxury hotels that call up four-digit overnight rates are not uncommon, at least in the main season. And even with 4-star hotels you have to reckon with a few hundred euros per night - a one-week stay can easily add up to a decent sum. Probably the cheapest alternative is to stay in a guest house, a simple accommodation with a special feature: It is located on one of the islands of the locals, for example on Maafushi or the Thoddoo Atoll.

Although the rooms are kept much simpler, the beach, sea and palm trees are just as much in front of the door as a visitor. The biggest advantage of this is that you can get to know the locals and their culture - including traditional food and walks through local markets. Things that are often denied as a hotel guest.

Because the Maldives want to open up to more budget holidaymakers again, they are supporting the expansion of guest houses - for example on Baresdhoo Island and on the man-made island of Hulhumalésoll.

Good to know: In the Islamic country there are some prohibitions that vacationers should observe when staying on local islands. This includes the consumption of alcohol, as well as wearing bikinis on certain beaches. Basically, women should cover their shoulders and knees.

2. Distance matters

1192 islands belong to the Maldives, 120 of which are pure resort islands, which are scattered in the Indian Ocean. If you want to go on holiday here, you first have to fly to Malé International Airport, then you can take a boat or seaplane to the hotel. Accordingly, the closer the hotel, the cheaper the transport.

Since it is cheaper to take a speedboat, you should make sure that your resort is no more than a 45-minute boat ride from the airport. Otherwise, islands further away can only be reached by (more expensive) seaplane or even airliner.

Good to know: the average price for a transfer by seaplane is around 450 euros. The prices for a trip with a speedboat depend on the atoll, trips within the Malé Atoll cost around 45 euros.

3. Book a water transfer from Germany

In addition to the distance, there is another trick with the transfer: booking it from Germany. Rather, you have the option of comparing prices or buying the transfer as part of a package. Also be careful with cheap hotel offers - the transfer from the airport island of Hulhumalé is usually not included in the room rate and has to be booked separately.

4. Travel to the Maldives in the off-season

November up to and including April is the perfect time for a vacation in the Maldives - but also the most expensive. The temperatures fluctuate between 22 and 30 degrees on land, the probability of rain is very low. In addition, there are celebrations such as Christmas or New Year's Eve, the Chinese New Year celebrations in January or February, to which visitors head for the island paradise.

You can save money cleverly in the off-season. Although the rainy season is from June to October, the heavy showers are usually only brief - and are more refreshing than annoying. Hotels here sometimes only cost half as much.

5. Don't be afraid of package tours

Even if you have not been the classic package holidaymaker, it is worthwhile to inquire about package tours in a travel agency or online. The advantage: flight, transfer, hotel and mostly also food can be booked as a package. This is often cheaper for a travel destination as special as the Maldives. On site, you can only expect costs for excursions, spa treatments and souvenirs for those who stayed at home.

6. Full board vs. self-catering

Food in the Maldives is expensive. One of the reasons for this is the fact that all food and drinks have to be flown separately to the islands. And you can't just walk into a city center to eat there, but are tied to your hotel. It is therefore worthwhile to take a look at the prices on the menu in the hotel in advance and to estimate how much you would spend per person per day. It is often worth booking full board.

The current weather in the Maldives

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