Which is the most waterproof wood

How do I finish a pine floor so it can be waxed?


A trip to the rental shop is fine. A floor sander and an edge sander. A selection of medium and fine grit belts - rental will likely credit you with unused materials. Open all the windows and wipe the floor with isopropyl alcohol to remove as much of the old wax as possible. This avoids severe clogging of the grinding medium. First sand over the grain, then work all edges with medium, then fine grain and finally with fine grain along the grain. Moisten the entire floor with water, have a leisurely lunch, then come back, sand the edges finely, and then use the floor sander along the grain. Clean really well, make sure you vacuum all joints and cracks. Apply a layer of sanding sealant and leave it on overnight. Use a hand sanding pad and very fine grit in the morning and remove any 'feathers' ... you will have some! Apply a second fine layer of sanding sealer. Leave on overnight or, better still, for a few days. Apply the wax layer of the first floor with a scotchbrite pad or similar (this will also cored the floor) in a very thin layer without pressing wax into the joints. Buff, leave a couple of days, repeat at least three times. Note that for the kitchen, a better finish is to apply four or five coats of tung oil over a couple of weeks, which won't water stain as easily as wax, as always if you put the oil or wax on a little more than once and done it.