Need to ask questions

120 personal interview questions - examples

Do you have any questions?

1. "Who is my direct superior or my direct superior?"

2. "What is the usual induction?"

3. "Is there an organizational plan for the company?"

4. "How big is the team or the department in which I will work?

5. "Can I see my workplace in person?"

6. "Has the advertised position been newly created?"

7. If not: "How long did my predecessor work for you in this position?"

8. "Is he or she still with the company?

9. "In what area does he or she work for the company now?"

10. If not: "Why did he or she leave the company?"

11. "Which colleagues will I work with particularly closely?"

12. "With which departments is the cooperation particularly intensive?"

13. "Is there cross-departmental project work?"

14. "How much time does the project work take?"

15. "I understood you to mean that the tasks ..., ... and ... are the focus of the advertised position, is that correct?"

16. "How high is the percentage of travel activity?"

17. "Do you include trips abroad?"

18. "More in Europe or worldwide?"

19. "What kind of company car is planned?"

20. "As an employee, can I take advantage of further training opportunities?"

21. "Is there an annual budget for this that I can use for suitable further training?"

22. "Is flexitime provided?"

23. "How is working time recorded?

24. "How is overtime handled?"

25. "What is the vacation policy?"

26. "What is the intended salary framework?"

27. "Is there a success component?"

28. "How high was the rate for the achievement of the target achievement share in the last year?"

29. "Are there any special social benefits?"

30. "Which additional requirements that are not mentioned in the job advertisement are important to you?"

31. "Conflicts in the workplace are part of the story if there have been misunderstandings or technical disputes related to the advertised position in the past, which departments were affected?"

32. "Which three interfaces into the company are the most important for the advertised position?"

33. "Are there regular discussions with employees, for example annual reviews?"

34. "In addition to HR processing, are there also HR objectives in the company, for example the targeted determination of further training needs and appropriate offers and opportunities?"

35. "If I may ask you so directly, how many years have you been with this company?"

36. Follow-up question: "Did you start straight away in your current position or did you advance or have you switched internally?"

37. "What happens after the conversation?"

38. "Is there a rough timetable for the hiring decision?"

39. "If there is a second interview, who would sit across from me?"

40. "Do I have to expect an assessment center with you?"