How to study musicology online

Study music

The Department of Music and Musicology includes, on the one hand, various courses in music that focus on training on instruments and the voice. On the other hand, it includes courses in musicology that include theories, history and pedagogical approaches. Other forms of artistic expression such as the ballet and stage dance courses are also part of the department.

Music and musicology is a department whose courses are designed in a very practical way by universities. Therefore, there are very few distance learning courses or opportunities for part-time studies.

In principle, students have to pass an entrance exam. This is different from university to university. The focus is on mastering your own instrument as well as being able to use a second instrument, which usually has to come from a different family of instruments. Those who pass the relatively tough entrance exam usually have a good chance of successfully completing their studies later.

Studying without a high school diploma

The music courses are a classic example of the fact that students do not need a high school diploma. However, you will then have to face a more stringent entrance examination. The universities have precise information ready.

Part-time studies

The universities only offer a few degree programs on a part-time basis. These include the bachelor's degree in Music in Childhood at the Leuphana Professional School, the diploma degree in music education (instrument, singing, elementary music education) at the University of Music in Nuremberg and various master’s degree programs.

Distance learning

The universities hardly offer a distance learning course in the department. Two of the exceptions are the Master’s degree in Methods of Music Therapy Research and Practice at the Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences and the Expressive Arts in Social Transformation bachelor’s degree at the MSH Medical School Hamburg.