Is there an area in web design

Web Design Basics - Part 3: Design and Color Effect

colour Positive associations Negative associations Often used areas of application in web design White clean, pure, innocent, peaceful, safe, friendly, minimalist, simple, neutral empty, cold, sterile In principle, white is suitable for every type of website, as the effect depends heavily on the combination with other colors. Nevertheless, there are industries in which a white web design is noticeably often used: medicine, high-tech, religion / church, law, science, luxury items. black serious, classic, elegant, sleek, factual, functional, modern, authoritarian, professional lonely, sad, gloomy, angry, illegal Similar to white, the effect depends on the color combination. Black is often used in the fields of fashion, cosmetics, luxury items or in certain music genres. Gray timeless, high quality, noble, competent, professional, factual, neutral monotonous, cloudy, unemotional, distant, old, past Gray is generally well suited for business websites or luxury items. brown natural, close to nature, mature, fertile, warm, down-to-earth, secure, cozy, enjoyable, creative lazy, heavy, old-fashioned, dirty Animal, nature and environmental themes red conspicuous, passionate, tempting, loving, warm, dynamic, attentive, powerful, courageous dangerous, aggressive, arrogant, angry, loud Emergency and health services, fashion, entertainment, sports, food orange friendly, happy, young, warm, energetic, welcoming, inexpensive dubious, intrusive, restless, cheap Automotive, entertainment, technology, food yellow happy, friendly, young, optimistic, cheerful poisonous, intrusive, inconsistent, cowardly Yellow is rarely used as a determining color in web design, as it is strenuous to perceive in the long run. However, if the product or theme of a website is yellow (e.g. a taxi company or a beekeeping company) then it can be used in moderation. green natural, lively, fresh, happy, hopeful, positive, generous, calm, relaxing, peaceful poisonous, inexperienced, immature, sour, bitter, tart Animal, nature and environmental issues, science, tourism, medicine blue reliable, strong, competent, serious, personable, harmonious, friendly, relaxing, quiet cold, heavy, depressed, distant Economy, law, administration, science, high-tech, medicine violet imaginative, magical, spiritual, extraordinary, creative unnatural, artificial, irrelevant Fashion, cosmetics, luxury items