Which laboratory offers scholarships for international students

International students: student finance

The University of Stuttgart offers short-term scholarships from an emergency fund for international students who are in financial need. The scholarships are financed by donations from the Christian B├╝rkert Foundation.

Unforeseen armed conflicts, natural disasters, inflation and currency fluctuations can suddenly interrupt the financial support from the country of origin. Illnesses, unemployment of the parents or the expiry of project funds can also contribute to the fact that students or doctoral candidates are no longer able to finance their living.

The emergency fund is aimed at qualified and particularly committed international students as well as doctoral candidates who are aiming for a successful degree at the University of Stuttgart.

The duration and amount of the scholarship is based on the applicants' temporary financial needs and is determined by a selection committee of the International Office.

Who can apply?
International students at the University of Stuttgart who

  • Aiming for a degree (BSc, MSc or PhD) at the University of Stuttgart and can provide evidence that a successful completion of the degree can be expected
  • are faced with serious, short-term financial difficulties

Application deadline
Applications are accepted continuously.

How can i apply?
The application forms are only available after personal consultation in the International Office.