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Lyric of the day

When it storms outside

When it storms outside and bitterly cold,
the wind tears at the trees,
the sky shines blue in the light,
yes, then it's finally winter.

It's dark outside now early
the nights long and freezing cold,
many lights twinkle in December,
because the Christmas season is approaching.
of Anonymous, published on 17th December 2012

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Lyric of the day

Battle of love

The battle waged by the sword
Bloody without rest and without rest
So even today the burden of war resists

I cannot forget
The blood we both wanted
The hatred we growled against each other

The battle has clouded us
And so we just lied to each other
We forgot who we were and still don't know today
Nobody has seen the light of peace since then

Deep wounds pass
But scars remain forever
So I look at my heart
And see the battle in pain
of Yari, published on August 13, 2015

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Lyric of the day


No word can describe the pain love leaves behind
A feeling that accompanies us for a lifetime and never leaves us
No poetry likes to relieve him, no eye can see him
So we carry it with us every step we take

Who knows love has seen heaven
And yet had to go through hell
It's warm like summer but it's frozen
Have you lost not only her but yourself as well.
of Yari, published on August 13, 2015
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